Your Daily Horoscope: November 2, 2022


Madame Miranda posts are written by M. Davis McAfee. They were based on M. Davis McAfee’s descriptions of the motivations behind each sign as well as the positioning of celestial body mapped by Our horoscopes can be used for entertainment purposes, although we value the opportunity to reflect on our lives through astrology.

Mars will begin its retrograde period under Gemini, the 9th House of Philosophy, on Wednesday, November 2nd. The fiery planet is known for its inexorable behavior. It causes a drop in energy, a decrease of motivation, and a halt to progress. The planet is located in a tension square with Jupiter and Neptune retrogrades. This will likely have an impact on our thinking, luck, intuition, creativity and outlook. 

What would that look like for you sign?

Sometimes, fighting back against a lull can feel like you’re sinking further into quicksand. Why not try the quicksand strategy? It is easier to bounce back when you are calmer than before.

Taurus, self-esteem and self respect go hand-in-hand. And the less you respect your ambitions and needs, the less good you’ll feel about yourself. It’s time to take yourself off the back burner and into the spotlight.

Motivation is like waves that move along a shore. This temporary respite should not be a deterrent. There will come a time when you can move forward. The stars tell you to slow down for now.

Even the most painful lessons can often be the most instructive. It might be difficult to concentrate in the midsts of conflict. However, try to find a silver lining whenever you can. You’ll come out stronger on the other side of this.

Leo, it is a natural part of life to deal with unpleasant emotions. You can’t escape the negative forever. The good news is that you can’t escape the negative forever. A minor setback now won’t negate the success that awaits you in the future.

Prudence in finances is a wise decision, but it is equally important to know when to invest in yourself. What price are you willing to pay in order to achieve your own happiness and well-being? It could be that it needs a little adjustment.

Avoid letting past hurts get in the way of your future. You aren’t doomed to relive your past mistakes. But if you don’t learn to let go and live in the moment, then they might figure out how to follow you anyway.

If you are in the right context, loyalty is a admirable quality. It can lead to unhealthy codependency if it isn’t controlled. Be wary of following any one thing—be it a person, career, habit, or otherwise—too blindly, Scorpio.

Sag, you can only manage so many things simultaneously. You will eventually lose something. Wouldn’t you rather choose now than let fate choose it for you? Your prospects will benefit from better time management.

Some things are not easy to resolve. The results are often messy and complicated, which is not what you expected. Cap. You can try a little harder.

It isn’t enough to just show up when things are good. Sometimes we have to walk through the mire and mud. It will eventually lead to better pastures. But you won’t know that if you jump ship now.

Your imagination and creativity can only be fully utilized if you know when to stop working. You don’t need to be working all the time to be valuable. And if you try to force it, then you likely won’t enjoy the finished product as much.

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