Your Daily Horoscope: November 6th, 2022


Madame Miranda posts are written by M. Davis McAfee. They were based on M. Davis McAfee’s descriptions of the motivations behind each sign as well as the positioning of celestial body mapped by Our horoscopes can be used for entertainment purposes, although we value the opportunity to reflect on our lives through astrology.

On Sunday, November 6, a waxing gibbous Moon joins Chiron retrograde. This dwarf planet, which is flying under Aries in 7th House of Relationships, will be joining the Moon. The increasing lunar energy and Chiron are a symbol of our emotional vulnerability. The cosmos asks us to reflect on our past pains and consider how they may impact our future.

What could that translate into for your sign?

Although an obstacle may seem cruel or inhumane to you years ago, it is actually serving a purpose now. You’ve been here before, Aries—that means you’re well-equipped to avoid the same mistakes.

Although it may not be your first instinct to help others, it could be just as satisfying as for you to achieve the same material comfort. Don’t underestimate the power of a generous spirit, Taurus.

The answers you seek aren’t hiding in a corner of your comfort zone, Gemini. On the contrary, they’re lying somewhere in the vast unknown before you. They are only accessible if you start searching. So, why won’t you?

If you actually took the time to look closer at this situation, you might find that it’s not so unfamiliar after all. Indeed, you’ve seen this obstacle before. What can you do to use your past experiences to conquer it again?

You can still be a leader, but you need to learn to let others lead the way. Leo, you might be surprised at what other people have to teach you. But you’ll never know if you never let them.

The stars are encouraging you to rethink what success looks like, Virgo. Do you really think that success is about juggling all the tasks, hobbies, and chores? Or could it look more like placing—and honoring—boundaries for your mental health?

Just because something is fun doesn’t mean it’s automatically beneficial or safe. Sometimes the most thrilling things are the ones that offer the greatest thrill. BothThese are just a few of the things. Are these risks worth the risk to your health?

You can overcome any roadblock if you change your mind about it, Scorpio. It takes a little more dedication and focus. You’re so close to the finish line; don’t give up now.

Our bodies are capable of healing themselves. There are still things you can do to speed up the process. What could you do to make the most of this time?

A good place to start is to watch and analyze your emotions, particularly the negative. These issues, just like a stubborn weed will resurface with increasing intensity until you pull it out by its roots.

Your self-sufficiency is certainly admirable, but you can’t expect it to stay sustainable forever. Eventually, you’ll have to rely on those around you for one reason or another. It’s best to accept it as is.

Pisces believes that progress and wellness are not two distinct aspects of life. They are actually inextricably connected. And you can’t expect to obtain the former if you never take the time to focus on the latter. 

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