Your Daily Horoscope: Oct 17, 2022


Madame Miranda posts are written by M. Davis McAfee. They were based on M. Davis McAfee’s descriptions of the motivations behind each sign as well as the positioning of celestial body mapped by Our horoscopes can be used for entertainment purposes, although we value the opportunity to reflect on our lives through astrology.

Monday, October 17th will see the last-quarter Moon in a tight square with Chiron retrograde. This dwarf planet governs our emotional soft spot. This conflicted aspect indicates a tug-of war between practicality and feelings. The combination of Mercury, Makemake and Mercury suggests that this battle is occurring within our belief systems. 

Which side will you choose to sign today?

Be firm in your beliefs, even when people around you try to change them. Forgoing your needs to fit in won’t serve anyone in the long run. Passion is what makes the best work.

Try as you might, the universe won’t bend to your will. So, if you want to create less friction, you’d be wise to start going along with it. There will be some things that are worse than you expect. Some things will be worse than you expected, but some things will be better.

Gemini: A foundation that is built on top of another person’s work will soon crumble. We are too feisty and flexible. Instead, root yourself in your values. That way, as our connections inevitably shift, our entire emotional structure doesn’t come toppling down.

If we refuse to learn from our experiences and grow, we will make the same mistakes again. It isn’t enough to witness the emotions it brings. It’s your responsibility to turn this insight into wisdom.

Your pride is keeping someone close to you at arm’s length, and it’s starting to disaffect you both. To enjoy an authentic, vulnerable connection, you’ll HaveTo accept the risk that you might get hurt. Leo, the benefits far outweigh all risks.

Although your generosity is admirable, the stars caution against taking on too many. You don’t need to back out of this endeavor entirely, but don’t forget to ask others for their support. This can’t be done alone.

Tolerance of mistreatment isn’t a sign of above-average compassion or patience. It is a sign of deep insecurity. Let go of people who bring down your self-love is an extraordinary act of self-love.

It is possible to try to contain your emotions, but eventually the pressure will be too much. When it does, you’re liable to lash out and burn a bridge or two. Wouldn’t you rather release it now while you’re in control?

Your motivations will determine your success. Do you pursue this because it is something you believe in? Or do you think it’ll make you look good to do so? Only one can bring about real progress.

Despite your best efforts, you can’t be EverythingTo Everyone. To the other party, it might seem like a small ask, but when added to your sky-high mountain of obligations, it’s just too much. Don’t be afraid to say that. 

Egocentric perspectives tend to be focused on the things that our environment can do for us. Today, however, the stars encourage you to think about how YouYour environment might benefit from your efforts.

So, you made it to the edge and realized you’re not quite ready to take that leap of faith. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Pisces. There is still plenty you can learn while you wait to summon the courage—and that’ll come in time.

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