Your Daily Horoscope: Oct 21, 2022


Madame Miranda posts were written by M. Davis McAfee. They are based on M. Davis McAfee’s explanations for each star sign and on the position of celestial bodies as mapped by We appreciate the ability to self-reflect through astrology, but our horoscopes serve entertainment purposes only.

Friday, October 21st will see the waning crescent Moon enter the final 12th House of the Zodiac, under Virgo. A collective sense of closure and separation will be felt as the Zodiac and lunar cycles close. Six planets are still retrograde so the cosmos encourages reflection and analysis. 

What could your sign discover in its search for meaning?

Tunnel vision is a natural reaction to daily chaos. However, you mustn’t forget to look side to side. Is it where you want to go? It’s better to know now than later.

Your resistance to change isn’t the humble self-sacrifice you think it is. On the contrary, assuming you’re above the need for evolution indicates a deep arrogance. Don’t let your discomfort deter you from making true progress.

Gemini, until you face this unsavory task head-on, you will be weighed down. Gemini, the sooner that you address the problem head-on, then the sooner you will be able to find a solution. This is a holding pattern It is reallyIs there anything better than temporary discomfort?

Although we often view addressing our needs as an equation that adds, subtraction can be just as beneficial. Instead of worrying about what you can add, think about the things you might be able to let go.

Sometimes, a dramatic outburst is not necessary for every realization. Sometimes, it’s better to observe the situation silently and make your changes internally. The stars tell us to let your actions speak louder today than your words.

The universe is not always able to provide us with the vindication we desire. Waiting for the universe to give you vindication in some form will only hurt yourself and not the subject of the anger. If you allow it to go, your healing will be quicker and more thorough.

You have a reputation for being a people-pleaser. People can become disconcerted when you speak up. Still, don’t let this discourage you from advocating for yourself anyway.

Scorpio, your inability or unwillingness to forgive yourself for your past is affecting your present. Just because you were hurt before doesn’t guarantee you’ll be hurt in this situation. Keep your eyes open for the possibility of something different.

The novelty of this situation is making you forget just how long you’ve prepared for this. Be confident in your abilities Sag. This is the right time to put all your experience and training to use. You’ve got this.

Although this is a difficult dilemma, it’s not one that you can ignore. It’s critical that you remain clear and direct as you navigate this confrontation. Otherwise, you’re liable to be misheard.

Your staunch belief system makes it difficult to admit when you’re wrong, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. You can bounce back faster if you are more comfortable accepting defeat.

The water you’ve been swimming in has started to grow stagnant. You don’t have to sit in stagnant water any longer. Consider moving to other streams. Even a brief change of scenery can have huge benefits. What’s the harm in trying?

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