Your Daily Horoscope: October 14, 20,22


A waning gibbous Moon and Mars enter the 9th House of Philosophy on Friday, October 14. Under Libra, the 1st House of Self, there is a celestial mash up. This House is home to Silver Screen Beat, Haumea and Venus as well as Mercury, Makemake and Venus. It suggests a focus on communication, love, intuition and love. But the real question is, will your sign have a surplus or a deficit?

Locate your sign to find out what the stars have in store today.

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your daily life over suffering through it? Spitefully forgoing your own needs won’t get you anywhere, Aries. You might consider using your confidence to say no. It could be a good idea to take a break.

You’ve been sitting on these past hurts for long enough, Taurus. These past hurts are too painful to bear anymore, Taurus. How can you share your expertise to help others? It is easier than you might think.

You have been struggling with this realization since last week. Or, you could continue to ignore it and carry it around with you like a monkey. You could also face it head on and put it down.

It is hard to let go someone or something that doesn’t align with your values. You aren’t weak just for feeling uncomfortable or sad. Keep your eyes open for the silver lining. You are just a step away from incredible personal growth.

There is an open door in front of you. The stars tell you to follow the lead. The unknown can bring you unimaginable riches. But you’ll never know pondering it from 500 yards away. To solve this mystery, you’ll have to get close.

You’ve conditioned yourself to think you need to be the sole provider in your relationships. But what if you’re wrong? Everyone deserves to feel taken care of—even you, Virgo. Why are you so determined to avoid it?

Libra, there are many benefits to overcoming this challenge. You’ll gain wisdom, clarity, and insight. But you’ll also feel more confident in yourself, too. Hold on for just a little longer; it’s almost over.

Deep in the rabbit hole lies doom and gloom. It is worth the effort to see how far it can go. As tempting as cynicism might feel, you’re better off trusting in the process. It’s certainly gotten you this far.

You can’t hide from your feelings at work forever, Sag. Eventually, they’ll find you there, too. The best way to get around this obstacle is straight through—there are no secret emergency exits you can sneak out of.

Emotional impasses are complex, vague, and flighty—three of your least favorite qualities. It might help you to consider this situation from an outsider’s perspective. Think of the advice you’d give a friend, then follow it.

Waiting is a good thing. Your reward for patience is looking over the horizon. Don’t rush, or you might lose track of your progress. Aquarius: Slow and steady wins.

There’s truth in the saying, ‘if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.’ If you won’t even stand up for your beliefs, how do you expect anyone else to do the same? Pisces, you have to be your advocate. 

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