Your Daily Horoscope October 20, 2022


Madame Miranda posts are written by M. Davis McAfee. They were based on M. Davis McAfee’s descriptions of the motivations behind each sign as well as the positioning of celestial body mapped by Our horoscopes can be used for entertainment purposes, although we value the opportunity to reflect on our lives through astrology.

On Thursday, 20 October, a waning crescent Moon, Leo, will fly in opposition to Saturn retrograde, Aquarius, on the 20th. The former indicates that we must let go of any platonic relationships which might not be in our best interests. These are unbeneficial relationships canIt can be pleasant, which makes the decision to separate all the harder, as the former suggests. The cosmos do suggest that we should attempt to break the cycle. 

What does that mean for you today?

Aries, prosperity rarely comes our way. And besides, wouldn’t you feel better about your accomplishments knowing you worked toward them? The road to the top is not always pleasant, but it’s worth it in the end.

Be wary of misleading honeymoon phases—our brains crave familiarity. When we get it, it can feel like nothing we’ve ever experienced. This illusion is a recipe for making the same mistakes again and again. Do not be afraid to tread lightly

You can use pain to motivate your assertion in one way or another. It could be used as an excuse to help others avoid similar mistakes. You can also use it to justify your inapathy. The latter is certainly easier, but it’s nowhere near as productive.

You have always been incredibly sensitive to others’ energy. Thus, it’s critical that you select your company carefully. How do you feel when you’re with them? If it isn’t positive, then it might be time to consider letting them go.

Our pasts don’t necessarily have any bearing on our future. Leo, you have the right to learn and grow just like everyone else. Don’t let your previous mistakes and miscalculations convince you you’re incapable of following this path.

Virgo, let the pain of years past give you some insight. These feelings are a sign of unmet emotional needs. It will be difficult to find the right solutions until you can identify them.

Although you have no problem with others being honored, it’s difficult to be kind to yourself. You can achieve great success if you are able to find a way that balances your compassion for others with your love for yourself. You can do it.

Identifying disparities in your life isn’t enough, Scorpio. Maintaining a negative situation can actually be dangerous. AfterIt might even be worse to acknowledge its negative connotations. To get over this hump, you’ll have to let this burden go.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you bit off more than you could chew. It’s better to admit it now than to wait for it to overwhelm you completely. Sag. Knowing your limits can be a valuable skill. It’s a valuable skill, Sag.

Your life path has been questioned by interpersonal conflict. Consider your options before you decide to change directions. Is the problem really where you’re going? Or is it who you’ve picked up along the way?

Just because something is fun doesn’t mean it’s worth your time, Aquarius. People, places, and things are all part of our daily lives. In the meantime, you can only absorb what they have to offer.

External education and beliefs have many merits. Your intuition and hindsight are also Pisces. You run the risk of dogmatism and blind spots if you use them both separately. Combining them creates a clearer picture.

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