Your Daily Horoscope October 22, 2022


Madame Miranda posts were written by M. Davis McAfee. They are based on M. Davis McAfee’s explanations for each star sign and on the position of celestial bodies as mapped by Our horoscopes can be used for entertainment purposes, although we value the opportunity to reflect on our lives through astrology.

On Saturday, October 22, a waning crescent lunar continues to pass through the final 12th House of Self Undoing. Venus and Haumea are now in conjunction in the 1st House of Self. This celestial mashup shows that we need to trust our intuition about finances, love, and even both. The cosmos warn against any transformation that isn’t built on this trust. 

What could that translate into for your sign?

People on unstable ground might find your firm footing confusing. Don’t let them convince you to rock Yourto feel good about theirs. Today, the stars will urge you to hold firm to your beliefs. You have this, Aries.

Although it has its merits, keeping your nose on the grindstone can cause you to lose sight the bigger picture. You’ve made greater progress than you realize, Taurus. It’s time to take a look around and be grateful for that fact.

The pain you experienced isn’t a punishment; it’s a lesson. While it might feel unfair and even unwarranted, you’re better off playing the cards the universe has dealt you. You’ll come out on the other side stronger than you imagined.

It is scary to consider new perspectives. Truth has a funny way to push us out our comfort zones, no matter how prepared we may feel. But what if you’re more prepared for this transformation than you thought?

You can never let anyone stop you from asserting yourself. This can be a double-edged weapon, Leo. Although your motivation and zeal is admirable, be mindful of your ability burn bridges.

Virgo, regrets and past hurts are weighing your down like anchors. To get off this plateau, you’ll have to shed this undue burden. You can still benefit from the knowledge they provide without having to carry their enormous burden.

Everyone deserves the right to steer their own ship and chart their own course—even you, Libra. If you spot something that is not right, you should speak up. Resentment will breed when you try to maintain peace.

While you might think your tough exterior is protecting you, it’s actually having the opposite effect. It’s a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle to refuse to give up on the chance of failure. To grow, you must be uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, Sag. You’ll have to make some cuts to your schedule if you want to keep up this pace. You’re a human, not a robot—start treating yourself like one.

Instead of obsessing about why something is happening, get on with the task. shouldYou should be doing something, the stars will encourage you to do so Why? it isn’t. This impasse is revealing what it really means. It’s likely more than you think, Cap.

Talk to your doubts when you are unsure. Bottling all this inside of you won’t get you any closer to achieving your goals. It’s time to lay everything on the table and recalibrate it to the bigger picture. 

Cognitive dissonance can have a profound impact on almost every aspect of our lives. The first step to realigning them is listening to your intuition and heart. 

Read our weekly horoscope for an even deeper dive into your sign’s celestial forecast.

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