Your Daily Horoscope: October 7, 20,22


Friday, October 7, 2012, a nearly full Moon opposes Ceres in the 12th House of Self Undoing. As the lunar influence is at its peak, the stars remind us to listen and follow our emotions. This challenge may be more difficult than you think, as evidenced by the opposition between Chiron and the Sun, a dwarf planet that governs our sensitive soft spots. 

What would your sign look like today?

Brute strength isn’t always going to be the right tool, Aries. This obstacle can’t be beaten. The universe has already made it clear. So, it’s time you started brainstorming a more creative, thoughtful approach.

You’re an all-or-nothing personality, which makes having to go back on something you went all-in on a little embarrassing. But rest assured Taurus: it’d be worse to know it was wrong and continue to pursue it anyway.

Rather than changing yourself to fit your environment, why don’t you try changing your environment? It is your right to live your life fully. Don’t let your insecurities tell you otherwise, Gemini. Your people are there.

A sizeable emotional wave is fast approaching, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Indeed, you’ve been through far worse situations in the past. You can stand firm in your strength, and this struggle will end before you know.

When we’re hurting, everyone can look like an enemy. You shouldn’t be tempted to take advantage of those who are just trying to help. Leo, while bad intentions do exist, not all people are out to get your money.

You’ve been feeling off-kilter and out of sorts lately, and it could be due to your subconscious and conscious minds being out of sync. If you want to see meaningful change, then you’ll have to start listening to yourself, Virgo.

This period of time might be monotonous, but it’s not without merit, Libra. Sometimes life’s greatest lessons are found in the most mundane moments. They stick out against the mundane because of their appearance.

Anxiety and intuition are not the same thing. You are prone to dwelling on the darker sides of life, but you’re not doomed to live in the shadows. You are being guided by the stars. Scorpio, you have this.

It can often seem like our personal and professional lives operate on a teeter-totter—when one goes up, the other comes down. It could be that the success of one can lead to arrogance in another.

Your life is filled with disparities. What are you going do? Here’s a hint, Cap: you won’t feel better dwelling and stewing on it. Only way out is to confront it head-on.

Ego doesn’t always have to look like vanity. It can often manifest itself as self-deprecation, holding oneself back, and other forms of self-deprecation. This is a problem that can be overcome by letting go of your self-centered focus. Do you want to do it?

Pisces, your intuition has reached its peak. Listen carefully. The answers you seek aren’t as far off as you think. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative, and make sure your actions honor yourself as much as anyone else.

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