Your Daily Horoscope September 19, 2022


Monday, September 19th is a tension-filled day for Mercury retrograde as a waxing moon sits in a square with Mercury. It’s imperative to avoid taking things personally during this tumultuous time. This exercise is made more difficult by the ego-driven Sun moving toward Mercury RG, but the stars encourage you to keep trying.

How might it look for your sign?

It’s easy to use your energy and productivity towards your passions. The real challenge comes from using these same attributes for life’s tedious, unsavory aspects. Aries, even the boring parts have a purpose.

Don’t underestimate your subconscious ability to affect your conscious reality, Taurus. Your mental health can have tangible impacts on others, no matter how personal it may be. That’s a responsibility you must not ignore.

What would you tell someone you love if they were in your current situation? You’d likely not want them to tolerate this struggle—so, why are you? Gemini, you deserve happiness and peace-of-mind just like everyone else.

Some beliefs are too valuable to be held on to forever. As we experience life and learn more, reality tends shift. There’s nothing wrong with letting go of something you once held dearly. It’s just part of the journey, Cancer.

You’ve found yourself in yet another battle between ego and emotion, Leo. Which side will win this time? Try not to dwell on the expectations of society when you are trying to find your answer. This is your life, not everyone else’s.

There is only so much time in a day. Not everything deserves it. You should learn to say no. To avoid burnout, you must set a limit on your productivity.

It’s important to stand up for what’s right, but it’s also important to get the whole picture before acting. In a time where chaos is running rampant in the cosmos, it’s more crucial than ever to get all your facts straight.

Part of personal growth is letting go of what doesn’t serve you, Scorpio. This includes things like your job or relationship. This also includes letting go of negative habits that can hinder your progress.

It is the ability to change that gives hope in life. If we held on to our worst moments, the world would be very hard and unforgiving. As you forgive and receive forgiveness, remember this.

Just because your first instinct is to share your resources doesn’t mean it’s the one you have to follow. Generosity can be a wonderful trait. However, you should be careful about giving beyond your means.

Aquarius says that short-term happiness can disguise itself as mental well-being. However, the shiny newness will fade and so will the positive emotions. Your stars will encourage you to put your efforts into long-term fulfillment.

It is a good first step to recognize the areas in your life that need improvement, Pisces. It is a great first step, Pisces. You deserve to celebrate it. But don’t forget that there is more work to be done—arguably, the more important kind.

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