Your Daily Horoscope September 20, 2022


Tuesday, September 20, 2018, a waxing crescent Moon will pass under Cancer, its ruling sign. It is located in the 10th House of Social Status. The Sun moves two Houses closer to Libra as it continues its journey through the 12 Zodiac houses. This transitional phase is characterized by Mercury retrograde, a finicky planet that can cause technical problems or communication difficulties. 

What would that look like for you sign?

There is a difference between standing up to your beliefs and doing it just for your ego. Are you protecting your values or others’ opinions of you? The former is conducive to growth, while those who are not protect their values can actually hinder it.

There is no need to get into a fight with everyone. Taurus will speak volumes about where your focus and energy are placed. Your actions should be rooted in love and your words spoken for you.

Don’t let misinformation lead you astray from the path that is right for you. While directional shifts can be crucial, you’d be wise to double-check your facts before making one. Follow-up is all that’s required.

Not every part of ourselves will follow us through each stage of life, and that’s okay. As our minds and hearts change, we have to let go of what is not working for us. Instead of fighting against it, embrace it.

You hold high standards, ones that no one else could ever reach. The stars encourage you to reassess what is important to you. “rules.”Do they have any negative effects on your life? How can you realign these to bring inner peace to your life?

It’s never easy for you to admit when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Neglecting it will only make matters worse. The sooner you pare back some of your obligations, the less suffocated you’ll feel.

It is natural to look for the positive in others. You can be tough on them when they reveal their dark side. Still, wouldn’t you rather know now than later on when you’re even more invested?

There’s nothing wrong with being aspirational, but be wary of letting it cloud your lens on reality. Perhaps you’d have less disappointment to grapple with if you adjusted your expectations slightly. Wouldn’t it be worth a shot to try?

Sag. Success is measured in waves. Even the longest-running cresting must eventually give way to the sand. Don’t let a minor setback convince you the whole endeavor is pointless. Indeed, you’ve worked far too hard to believe that.

External factors are often the first to be blamed when plans go awry. You might be overlooking your role by not assessing your own contribution to the problem. This kind of exercise is certainly something that someone as pragmatic and logical as you would appreciate.

Think about how much easier your journey would be if these obstacles were viewed as launching points, not sinkholes. This obstacle could be a building block for your values. This is what you should be focusing on.

Your hopeless romanticism canIt can be a tremendous strength. You can also find it to be your greatest downfall. You should protect and nurture the capacity to love. Pisces, you must be aware of the fact that it can mislead.

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