Your Daily Horoscope September 23, 2022


Friday, September 23rd will see a small portion of the waning crescent Moon merge with Ceres. Ceres is a dwarf planet that governs nurturing instincts and needs. This harmonious conjunction is in a harmonious trinity with Eris, which is a tiny body that controls our rebellious side. Today, the stars pose a question: Will your rebellious side be able to resist your needs? Or ignore them? 

Which one will it be for you?

While digging deeper into your sorrow may have its merits, it can also be a good thing to do. However, you should not allow yourself to fall down the self-pitying rabbit hole. If you’re not going to use this pain to grow, then it will inevitably start to slow you down. Aries, take care.

Don’t underestimate the effect our subconscious minds have on our conscious realities, Taurus. There is a fine line between self care and self-destruction. If you end up in the hole, is a streak or hedonism worth it?

Sometimes things have to go wrong before you can see the possibilities. It is powerful and efficient to learn by doing. Take the time to enjoy this storm. Eventually, it will pass, and you’ll be wiser.

We can gain different things from different relationships, but we can’t solve a problem with one by leaning into another. The most important bond, no matter how difficult it may seem, is the one you should be focusing on right now.

Leo, the stars tell you to take a break. Burnout and exhaustion won’t merit better work or results, so why are you so deadset on reaching them? Despite your unhealthy efforts, you can’t do everything at once. Take a deep breath.

All things start to look bad when we begin to see the negative. The world around us is shaped by our perspective. Thus, you must stay conscious of what’s reality—and what’s a product of your bad mood.

You have a huge heart and an avid philanthropic streak, but that doesn’t mean you’re superhuman. It is essential to make time for yourself if you want others to feel the same. It’s well worth it, Libra.

Even though it may not seem so at first, conflict can teach us many things. It shows how we see ourselves, other people, and the connections between them. It can also show who belongs in our lives and who doesn’t. Pay attention.

You shouldn’t tie your self-worth and productivity. It’s a dangerous game, Sag. Things go awry all the time—often outside of our control. If you root yourself in your values, then these minor setbacks won’t hurt so deeply.

Cap is the one who can manage even the most complex change-ups. Cap’s ability to deal with the unexpected and solve problems quickly is unparalleled. You can have confidence in this; others will too.

These burdens are too heavy for your precious life. You don’t have to go burning every difficult bridge you see, but you might benefit from taking some alone time to recalibrate.

While your ability to forgive is admirable and not too difficult, be careful about removing too many boundaries. You have to forgive because you were hurt. Don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to heal by pretending it never happened.

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