Your next Bachelor is Officially Here


Zach Shallcross Soon, you will be the one who gives the roses. 

The Bachelorette The season 27 lead of will be the frontrunner The BachelorHost Jesse Palmer announced on the Sept. 20 After the Final Rose special. After announcing the news, Jesse brought the tech executive on-stage, where Zach said, “I’m just taking this in right now. This is pretty incredible.”

“Obviously everybody saw the heartbreak in Mexico,”Zach spoke out about his split with Bachelorette Rachel RecchiaPart one of the final. “I really needed to take some time away to reflect and heal that broken heart. But what I learned from that experience is that it didn’t change how ready I am.”

Zach answered Jesse’s question about how he was preparing for his new job. He said that he has been spending lots of time with his family. “I also went to the gym a lot.”

Rachel was attracted to Zach early in the season and she earned her first one-on-1. The two of them watched each other’s home videos and shared childhood memories. They also connected over their common love for flying, as they had both been to airports as children. The date in Anaheim, Calif. was a success and Zach was supported by his uncle. Family Guy actor Patrick Warburton.

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