YouTuber David Aguilar Makes Generous Donation To 8-Year-Old With Physical Challenges


It was a fitting day for Beknur Zahibekyly, but not for back-to-school clothes. The enthusiastic 8-year-old received a prosthetic arm made of Legos.

According to his mother, Zaure Bektemissova, finding suitable prosthetics has been a challenge. “Prosthetics are mostly standard,” she said. “They are big and heavy, so for his spine, it was not a good idea.”

So, she reached out to a popular YouTuber who she thought could help.

His many fans know David Aguilar as Hand Solo. He’s also an engineering student who created a prosthetic arm for himself out of the famous toy bricks.

Aguilar was happy to make one for Beknur, who has been thriving since receiving it. “Now I can grab things with my hands — before I couldn’t,” he notes.

His mom says the gift has changed her son’s life. “His self-esteem is high now, comparing to what was before,” she said.

A little creativity and innovation have opened up a whole new world for this child.

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