‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ Kazuki Takahashi died trying to save a woman, young girl, witness says


Kazuki Takahashi was a Japanese manga artist who created Yu-Gi-Oh!. He died trying to rescue people from drowning in July 2022. According to TMZA witness said that Takahashi was swimming out with Maj. Robert Bourgeau, to assist in the rescue of three people from a rip current back on July 4, 2022.

49-year-old U.S. Army officer, scuba diving instructor, spotted a Japanese mother calling for help. She pointed to her 11 year-old daughter, and another U.S. Soldier, 39, who were trapped in a rip currently about 100 yards away from shore. A rip-current is a current that travels away from shore, cutting across the waves and heading out into the sea. They cause 46 deaths in the United States each year and can occur without swimmers being aware.

According to Stars and Stripes, “The rip current was sucking the pair out, but incoming six-foot waves were crashing on them, creating a whirlpool effect.”Bourgeau was inspired to get involved and went out to help the people. “I grabbed mom and I grabbed [the girl] and I just kicked for all life,”He spoke to the outlet.

Bourgeau saved the 11-year old girl and her mother while returning to shore, but was too exhausted by the time he reached the soldier. He managed to talk the 39-year old through it and brought him to safety.

Bourgeau was unaware that Takahashi had followed Bourgeau into the water, and was trying help with the rescue. The 60-year old died without ever meeting the U.S. Army Officer. However, the soldiers’ students at the shore witnessed the artist disappearing under the water.

Two days after the rescue attempt, Takahashi was found dead at sea 1,000 feet off shore. Bourgeau says that the manga artist should be honored. “He’s a hero,”He stated. “He died trying to save someone else.”

Given Bourgeau’s effects on Takahashi, it’s not surprising that Takahashi was in greater danger in the water. “That was one the hardest things I have ever had to do, I let [the man] go so I could save myself,”Bourgeau testified in his witness statement. “I didn’t think I was going to make it.”

Unfortunately, Yu-Gi-Oh!Creator didn’t have the opportunity to share his story despite all the heroics. Rest in peace.

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