Zara Rutherford is 19 years old and has just become the youngest female solo pilot around the world.


Zara Rutherford is a 19 year old pilot who just completed a solo flight around the world in a plane. This made her the youngest woman to complete the trip. 

“It’s just really crazy,”Zara spoke afterward. “I haven’t quite processed it, I think. I mean, coming here, I was basically in tears just trying to imagine what it would be like finally being home after five months. And even this flight wasn’t easy, so I’m just super happy.”

Zara flew from Belgium in August to take the world by storm in her Shark ultralight microplane. 

She flew to five continents and, as much as she enjoyed the journey, she said she was glad to be back home. 

“Well, so I have been waiting for this sandwich from a sandwich shop that’s, like, really nearby,”She said. “And I’ve been waiting five months to get it, so I’m really looking forward to getting it hopefully soon.”

Zara has now set a Guinness World Record and is heading to university to study engineering. 

She hopes her story will inspire girls to follow a career in science and technology to reach new heights.