Zoe Saldana explains why having children ‘keeps her young.


Zoe Saldana believes that her secret weapon in maintaining her youthful appearance, aside from Botox and age creams, is her kids. The AvatarThe 44-year-old star and the Italian artist Marco Perego were married in 2013, and have three children, including 7-year old twins Cy Aridio, Bowie Ezio, and Zen Anton Hilario, 5.

‘Having Children Happened At The Right Time’

Saldana recently sat down at the table with the editors PeopleTo discuss her role on the new season of Netflix’s Reese Witherspoon-produced series Scratch. The conversation was quickly diverted to Saldana’s timeless appearance given that she looks almost as young today as she did two decades ago when she starred in Centre Stage.

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“I think having children keeps me out of trouble a lot,” Saldana told People. “I go to bed early. I eat better. I sleep longer sometimes. I’m back to sleeping. I was having a lot of problems with my sleep, whereas right before I had them, I was very much of the policy of work hard, play hard.”

“And I loved my life like that,”She went on. “But I feel like having children happened at the right time for me because in your mid-thirties to late thirties, early forties, that’s when you go to bed thinking that you’re one thing, and you wake up feeling like something else. And I started having kids during that time. So that saved me from a lot,”She continues.

Zoe Saldana: ‘It’s All A Juggling Act’

Last year, in an interview with EbonySaldana, a columnist for magazine, spoke about the importance of finding balance between her career and being a mother.

“Being a mom is definitely like running a business for sure,”The star explained “and it’s a business with some pretty tough customers too! But like any mom or parent can attest, it’s all a juggling act. Being disciplined and carving out time for every task is important. Remaining flexible is essential and I have always tried to balance all of the varying aspects of my work and personal life.” 

She’s As Busy As Ever

Zoe Saldana plays Amahle “Amy”Wheeler Scratch. The series is Netflix’s adaptation of Tembi Locke’s New York TimesThe best-selling memoir From Scratch: Love, Sicily, Love and Finding Home. The series follows Saldana’s character, an American student studying abroad in Italy. Lino, a Sicilian chef, meets Saldana. Lino has health problems before they can come together. Witherspoon and Saldana co-produced the series.

Make sure to mark your calendar. Saldana is available in ScratchOctober 21 on Netflix

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