Zooey Deschanel Pays Tribute to Her Father For His Achievements


Zooey Deschanel wishes her father a happy birthday via social media. However, what many people may find interesting is that Deschanel’s dad has filmed some of Generation X’s favorite movies.

A Generation Worth Of Movies

On her father’s 78th birthday, Deschanel did something most children do nowadays for their parents: she wished him a happy birthday on Instagram. Deschanel wrote, “Happiest birthday to my amazing dad! I might be biased but I think he’s the best. (And yeah, that’s him looking cool as ever on a horse).” 

You may not recognize Deschanel, the award-winning cinematographer, as he looks debonair on a horse dressed in cowboy gear. Nonetheless, Deschanel’s dad, Caleb Deschanel, has filmed many well-known movies from the late 1970s all the way through 2019.

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Caleb started his film career with two movies which attracted him as a cinematographer. Caleb won both the National Society of Film Critics Awards award for Best Cinematography in 1979. Black Stallion And Being there. He went on to film more hits, such as The Right Stuff, The Natural, It could happen to you, The Patriot, and even 2019’s The Lion King. A few episodes of well-known television shows were also directed by the filmmaker. Some of his credits include directing episodes of popular television shows.Twin Peaks, Jury Trial of Law and OrderAnd Bones.

It runs in the family

Deschanel’s family has a tradition of making great movies. Although Caleb is the only one to be behind the camera, Zooey’s mother and sister both play roles on the big screen. Actually, the axiom “like mother like daughter”This is perfect for the Deschanels. Both Zooey’s mother, Mary Jo Deschanel, and sister, Emily Deschanel, are actresses in their own rights.

However, it’s Deschanel’s father who is now in the spotlight thanks to his daughter’s birthday wishes. His fans are devoted to him, and this was evident through comments on social networks. Many fans have visited the birthday post to express their admiration and love for the cinematographer.

One fan wrote: “One of the best in the biz! Happy Birthday Mr. Caleb!”Another fan perfectly summarised the admiration many filmmakers have for him and his work. “I don’t understand why he is not celebrated as one of the best DPs Cinematographers ever…and he is just so humble about it. What a cool guy.”Caleb Deschanel can be found filming critically-acclaimed movies or sitting on a horse and looking cool,

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