Zooey Deschanel’s company is one of the most successful companies in 2022


People might be able to tell the difference Zooey Deschanel as a talented actress, musician, or maybe just as the person that inspired you to get those bangs in the early ’00s. Deschanel has now added entrepreneur to her already impressive resume.

Zooey Deschanel Is Bringing Gardening To Everyone

Zooey Deschanel is an American sweetheart. She’s known for her quirky style and intuitively funny nature. Her unmistakable singing voice has made her a household name. Fans of Zooey Deschanel were intrigued when she made a career change in 2017 and founded Lettuce Grow, which is a hydroponic gardening company. What was her inspiration?

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“It seemed like there was a solution for people who don’t have green thumbs or the time to spend gardening but want fresh produce and the benefits of eating something right after it’s picked,”Deschanel declared in Interview with EatWell.

Deschanel’s company—which she co-founded with her then-husband Jacob Pechenik—sells fully-functioning hydroponic gardening systems. The base model is a 3’8″ self-watering stand with pockets cut out of the structure. Customers can plant seeds in the pockets and enjoy the benefits of a selfwatering, self-fertilizing gardening garden.

An Accessible Option That’s Also Saving The Planet

This foolproof system gives apartment dwellers the ability to grow fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers right from their balconies. And with a few sleek-looking light attachments, aspiring gardeners can even bring their farm stand indoors, meaning there’s no limit to who can reap the benefits of Lettuce Grow.

Not to mention, there’s an obvious upside to the product for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Deschanel says that the venture’s environmental impact was a major draw.

“Compared to shipping fresh produce, we can send so many more plants in seedling form, and the truck doesn’t need to be refrigerated, which lowers the carbon footprint. Not to mention the tower itself is made from recycled plastic,” Deschanel mused.

Glowing Reviews abound

Customers can also buy their seedlings through this service for as low $15 per 6-plant bundle. The base model stand starts at $399—or $34/month with financing approval—for a 12-plant stand. Customers can purchase extension kits to allow them to add additional sections to their modular structure.

Lettuce Grow offers a mobile application that allows gardeners to keep track of their stands and place orders for seedlings. It also provides weather monitoring services.

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Customers love their farm stands and have raved about them. Lettuce Grow is even more. Honored at number 183This is Inc. Magazine‘s top 5000 companies of 2022. It’s clear that Deschanel’s vision has resonated with plant lovers across the nation, and the New Girl star’s quirky home gardening system has a bright future ahead.

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