The ‘Spider-Man 3: Editor’s Cut’ has vanished from Amazon after being made available for one day

What did Amazon do with it?

Over the weekend, an “Editor’s Cut” of Spider-Man 3 became available to buy or rent digitally via Amazon, prompting much speculation as to what exactly was different from Sam Raimi’s theatrical release from 10 years ago. As fans began to dissect the film scene by scene, the online retail giant was busy pulling it from its library; after just one day.

According to a Blu-ray.com user, there isn’t a whole lot that has changed from what we’re familiar with aside from some score changes, certain scenes cut entirely (such as the one with Aunt May in Peter Parker’s apartment), full trailer footage of black-suited Spider-Man in the daylight, and some key dialogue swapped around. Here’s i09 with the complete breakdown:

The scene of Aunt May in Peter’s apartment giving back his engagement ring has been cut entirely, as has the entirely bizarre scene where Peter apologizes to his landlord while trying to call MJ. Tragically, the moment Willem Dafoe yells “FIRST, WE ATTACK HIS HEART!” from beyond the grave at James Franco’s Harry Osborn is also left on the cutting floor. Added in the new version of the film includes shots from early trailers of Peter wearing the symbiote suit in the broad daylight as he flew through the streets of New York, as well as a full restoration of Christopher Young’s score as the soundtrack for the film, meaning several scenes now have new music attached.

So why did Amazon mysteriously decide to remove the new cut from their selection? Well, they posted it too soon. The limited edition Blu-ray collection of Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy is scheduled to debut on June 13, less than a month away from Jon Watt’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, which hits theaters on July 7.

On a better note, at least you won’t have to wait too long to see the editor’s cut for yourself.

Written by Matt Casillas

Matt Casillas is the founder and editor-in-chief of Silver Screen Beat. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and can usually be found scrolling through Twitter while bumping the latest Lil Pump single at his nearest Dutch Bros. Coffee location.

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