Fans Fear For Ryan Seacrest’s Health After He Shares His Allegedly ‘Extreme’ Diet


Are You Ryan Seacrest‘s fans worried he’s taking his diet too far? According to one tabloid, the TV personality might be going too far with his diet “post-Christmas diet.” Let’s take a look at Seacrest’s new fitness regime.

Ryan Seacrest Chooses for ‘Extreme Diet’To start the new year?

The most recent edition of Star reports Ryan Seacrest’s diet is drawing concern from his fans. The American Idol Host has a reputation of being reliable “the hardest working person in Hollywood,”It seems that he is just as dedicated to his health. Seacrest shared his recent “post-Christmas diet,”But fans noticed that his meal plans were looking dangerously thin.

Seacrest apparently is going all-liquid and choosing different broths for his three meals. Many users criticized Seacrest’s meal plan, with one person bluntly commenting, “Bro eat some food.” But Seacrest isn’t going to be deterred. One insider says Seacrest is “terrified of adding any lumps or bumps”To his body. “He’s always going from one extreme diet to the next,”The tipster muses. “If anyone tries to change his mind, he gets defensive and tells them to speak to his doctor.”

Ryan Seacrest ‘Terrified’Do you want to lose weight?

While all-liquid diets definitely require dedication, they’re fairly common. They’re Commonly, only for a brief timeHealthy digestion and weight loss. This probably isn’t an all-out lifestyle change, and he’s likely already back to eating solid foods. But even if this is the new norm for Ryan Seacrest, we know for sure that he isn’t “always going from one extreme diet to the next.”

Seacrest could be called a foodie. One look at his Instagram page just proves that he isn’t afraid of a few carbs, and he can definitely chow down from time to time. Let’s take a look at some of Seacrest’s greatest eats. First, there’s this photo from October when he majorly splurged at a taco restaurant.

Here’s an absolutely adorable photo from Seacrest’s birthday where he enjoyed an ice-cream cake to mark the occasion.

And here’s a photo of Seacrest helping his mother prepare for a paella night.

So, while Ryan Seacrest may have felt that he needed a bit of a detox, it’s clear his typical diet is a far cry from his all-broth meal plan. We’re sure he isn’t starving himself or committing to any unsafe diets, and this report was sounding false alarms for the star’s health.

Ryan Seacrest: The Tabloids

Ryan Seacrest is not the first tabloid to accuse him of being too concerned about his health. This was not long ago. Us Weekly claimed Seacrest’s co-workers staged an intervention over his health. Then, the National Enquirer Seacrest claimed that she was experiencing extreme weight loss and fatigue. Seacrest was also afflicted by extreme weight loss and fatigue. Get in touch Seacrest, however, changed his tunes to claim that he was actually gaining weight and suffering from a chronic illness. “man boob nightmare.” Obviously, none of these tabloids has any insight into Seacrest’s health.

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