After Mixing Up Plane’s Direction Ohio Makes Changes to Wright Brothers’ Commemorative License Plate.


CNN reported that the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles was forced to change course as they mixed up a new commemorative license plate paying homage to the Wright Brothers.

The ODMV tweeted Thursday that it was making a plate to show off Ohio’s famous sons, but eagle-eyed social-media users that the state agency made a slip-up.

It featured the Wright Flyer, a red banner, and a colorful plate with a red banner reading “Birthplace of Aviation.” However, the banner was attached to the nose of the plane rather than its tail, thus indicating the plane was flying in the wrong direction, WDTN 2 News reported.

After being dragged on social networks, the ODMV stated that it would make adjustments.

“We are aware that the plane on the new Ohio license plate unveiled this morning was oriented in the wrong direction,” Lindsey Bohrer, spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Public Safety, stated in a statement. “We regret this mistake and have fixed the image. This is the correct design that will be reflected on all new plates issued to Ohio drivers.”

Although they were originally from Ohio, the Wright Brothers took off from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina) in December 1903 for a first flight.