How Zendaya Style Has Changed Over The Years.


No matter who you know, it doesn’t matter if she is your friend. Shake It Up Or Spider-Man, you’ve likely heard of Zendaya. A long list of awards and accomplishments have been bestowed upon the actress and singer.

Zendaya is not only a highly accomplished 20-something but also has an impressive resume. Killer wardrobe. Valentino and Versace regularly collaborate with the star.

But don’t be fooled by her present-day glamour. Oakland native, Oakland native, wore a designer look to her first red carpet appearance. All Recognize Tar- or Targetjay, if you’re fancy).

‘I Thought I Was Fly’

In a recent interview with InStyle EIC, Laura BrownZendaya reflects on her favorite red carpet looks throughout the years. In 2010, she was the first to walk on her first red carpet.

At Zendaya’s first movie premiere, she wore items she already had from Target. Her outfit featured a jeweled statement necklace, moto boots, and a moto jacket. The outfit also included a chambray shirt and a flowing dress.

“I thought I was fly,” The actress said. InStyle. “I felt cool. To this day, I think that’s all that matters. Then you know you’re doing the right thing.”

Zendaya pushed the boundaries of fashion-forward from that point.

Shout Out to Disney

Zendaya had left her Disney debut series Shake It Up in 2013, but that didn’t stop her from paying homage to her roots at a 2013 Paramount Studios party.

Zendaya wore a stunning floral metallic skirt and a black jacket with hot pink pumps to complete her look.

Barbie dolls are not worth it (No, Really).

In just two years, Zendaya’s red carpet style underwent a Severe evolution. No more Target ensembles! Zendaya was well on the way to being a fashion icon.

Take her to look at the 2015 Oscars.

Mattel was inspired to make a white gown for her by Mattel’s understated jewels and natural locks. Barbie doll modeled after her. She Isn’t just Barbie-doll-perfect; she is a Barbie doll.

Every Met Gala Look

If there’s one thing for sure about the Met Gala, it’s that Zendaya understood the assignment. From her structured, starry Met debut to a breathtaking, parrot-clad gown, Zendaya repeatedly slays the gala’s annual theme.

Zendaya named her 2018 Met Gala dress as her favorite, and it’s not surprising. Versace created the stunning chainmail gown in honor of Joan of Arc.

Chic meets Warrior

Speaking of badass women, Zendaya continued the warrior trend with her 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards ensemble. The Tom Ford look featured a matching pair of pumps and a metallic pink breastplate.

“Nothing could hurt me,” Zendaya told InStyle. “I was like a warrior.”Zendaya, you were right, Zendaya.

Cher calling

Finally, and my personal favorite, is Zendaya’s 2021 Academy Awards gown. The Valentino gown, designed in collaboration with Zendaya’s stylist, Law Roach, Pays homage to another style icon Cher.

A queen embodying another queen—who could ask for anything more? Zendaya will continue to innovate and provide more glamour, fashion, and innovation.

There’s no doubt we have many more years to witness Zendaya SlayingThe red carpet is my favorite part of the evening, and I’m thrilled to be there.

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