Princess Diana’s London Flat Will be Commemorated By English Heritage to Honour Diana’s Charitable Work.


Today, a blue plaque will be placed in Princess Diana’s flat with her friends at Earls Court, West London, before marrying Prince Charles and moving into Clarence House.

Flat 60, Coleherne Court will be commemorated by English Heritage to honour Diana’s charitable work, including raising awareness of HIV and AIDS, My London reports

In the Princess’ memoir written by Andrew Morton- Diana: In Her Own Words, she called living at the apartment “the happiest time of her life.”

She wrote: “It was juvenile, innocent, uncomplicated and above all fun. I laughed my head off there.”

It is believed that Diana carried a sign in her Earls Court flat that said: “Chief Chick” She was very keen to keep the house clean and placed her hand on the door.

It also said that Carolyn, then Lady Diana’s friend, stated that the Princess had always had Carolyn. “the rubber gloves on as she clucked about the place” and that “it was her house and when it is your own you are incredibly proud of it.”

Lady Diana Spencer, seen outside her London apartment on Coleherne Court before she married Prince Charles.

Diana was a strict cleaner and insisted that everyone help her maintain her home.

One of the rooms is shown in this photo. It shows the walls painted in a powder-blue color and green carpets.

It also had a grand entrance and a bay window that could be sat. Diana is believed to have decorated the flat in Habitat style.

Her parents gave a young Diana the flat as a gift at 18, and she quickly invited her friends to live with her for £18 per week.

An honorary blue plaque will be placed in her London apartment to commemorate the Princess of Wales.

But once Diana got engaged to Prince Charles, her mother sold the three-bedroom flat with two bathrooms for £100,000, with the public arranging viewings to get a peek inside the royal’s former abode.

She lived at the flat from 1979 to 1981 before taking the world by storm and becoming the People’s Princess.

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