The Queen’s Nose stars now - near-fatal drug shame, soap stars and tragic death


While many of the stars of 90s kids’ favourite The Queen’s Nose have turned their back of the industry to take their lives in another direction, some have gone on to have big careers

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The Queen’s Nose: Harmony pushes Melody into the pond

There weren’t many nineties kids who didn’t used to sit down on the sofa after school totally engrossed by The Queen’s Nose.

Harmony Parker and her mystical coin left most wanting a Christmas present parents just couldn’t magic-up.

It could grant all her wishes in an unpredictable way and the BBC children’s show was watched by millions before it was time to crack on with the homework.

But all good things come to an end and it 2003, the curtain came down on the late afternoon favourite.

Some 18 years on, the cast all now lead very different lives.

HullLive have been taking a trip down memory lane - as well as finding out what all the stars of the show are doing with themselves almost two decades on.

Some have stayed in showbiz - but other have taken their lives in totally different directions.

Here’s what the show’s stars have been doing since the programme first aired.

Victoria Shalet - Harmony Parker

Victoria Shalet, who played Harmony, was the star of the show - and first held the coin so many kids really wanted.

She played the role for three series before deciding not to return for the reboot in 2000.

Victoria wasn’t just one of those one-hit-wonder child stars. The actress continued to get casted in popular shows, including Midsomer Murders and Jonathan Creek.

But by 2021, she had become increasingly disenchented by acting and decided to change careers.

Now, aged 39, she has become a humanistic psychotherapist and counsellor.

Heather Jay-Jones - Melody Parker

Heather Jay-Jones played Harmony’s older sister Melody and appeared in every single episode of the series.

Melody had a number of amazing acting gigs as a child, appearing in popular emergency service show London’s Burning and The Bill.

Post Queen’s Nose, she quit acting to become a teacher.

Paula Wilcox - Mrs Audrey Parker

Mrs Parker was of course the mum of Harmony and Melody.

While most of the cast made their debut on the 90s show, Paula was already well known for her role in 70s show Man About The House.

As well as appearing in TV shows including Footballer’s Wives, Holby City and Rock & Chips, Paula has also appeared in a number of soaps.

She played Hilary Potts in Emmerdale from 2007 to 2008 and is currently appearing in Coronation Street as Elaine Jones.

Stephen Moore - Mr Arthur Parker

Stephen was already an established actor by the time he joined the cast of The Queen’s Nose.

He went on to appear in The History Boys in the West End, playing Hector, in 2006. He also played the Prime Minister in The Boat That Rocked in 2009.

He sadly died in October 2019, aged 81.

Donald Sumpter - Uncle Ginger

Uncle Ginger was the one who originally owned the magic coin and gave it to harmony.

Actor Donald was well known when he joined the series thanks to his roles in Doctor Who.

Since The Queen’s Nose, he has appeared in films including The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Constant Gardener and also played Maester Luwin in the first two series of HBO hit Game of Thrones.

His other recent TV credits include Peaky Blinders, Chernobyl and Les Miserables.

Ella Jones - Sam

Sam became the next owner of the Queen’s Nose after Harmony’s departure.

Ella continued acting for several years, appearing in episodes of Doctors and Silent Witness among other shows.

The former actress hasn’t left the industry altogether.

She has since switched careers by moving into directing and script editing.

Jordan Metcalfe - Jake

Jake was the last owner of the Queen’s Nose for its seventh and final series in 2003.

Three years later, actor Jordan perhaps became best known for his role as Adil the Genie in the children’s comedy Genie in the House on Nickelodeon.

He has since popped up in Misfits, played Les Dennis in the TV movie Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This, and had a supporting role in the 2014 movie Pride.

Paul Danan - Max

Paul Danan’s life hasn’t been straight forward since the programme hit our screens.

In 2002, he appeared in three episodes of the CBBC show as Melody’s agent Max.

This was a year after he left Hollyoaks as Sol, and since then he has become best known for wild antics in reality shows such as Celebrity Love Island and Celebrity Big Brother.

But in 2019, he recalled a time his parents saved his life after he snorted heroin, thinking it to be cocaine.

Paul revealed that he has been to rehab 17 times.

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