What happened to Amy Carlson ‘Mother God’ of the ‘Love Has Won Cult’?


It has been half a year since Amy Carlson’s corpse was found in Colorado. Carlson’s body was covered in Christmas lights and appeared to have been the object of worship by religious sect members. Carlson’s mother still struggles to find out what happened to her daughter, even months after it was discovered.

What happened, Amy Carlson?

Carlson was well-known as “Mother God” By the followers of Love has wonCarlson’s spiritual teachings were also shared on YouTube by this group. Interviews with Carlson’s mother, Linda Haythorne, and the Saguache County Sheriff Dan Warwick have shed new light on the case. They will air on the Oct. 15 episode. Dateline.


Following the discovery of the body, seven of Carlson’s associates were arrested. Three of Carlson’s followers were charged with abusing the corpse and four tampering with a dead human body. Authorities claim that Carlson died in California and was transported to Moffat (Colo.) by the group’s headquarters.

Two children were also found in the house at the discovery, so all seven were charged for misdemeanor child cruelty.

Alonzo Payne, the Saguache County District Attorney, later dropped all charges against the group members. This controversial decision is one reason that Dateline They were interested in the case.

“Our office looked at all the documents and everything that was provided, “Alonzo spoke out in defense of the officer’s decision not to press charges. “And from our perspective, the allegations could not be met beyond a reasonable doubt.”

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