‘You’ Season 3 Ending Explained: What Happened In the End Of Season 3 Of You.


End of It is possible to Season 3, and Victoria realizes that Joe is in Love with boss Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) when she realizes that he’s the one who killed Marienne’s ex-husband Ryan (Scott Michael Foster), as Newsweek Reports

Joe confesses to Marienne over dinner and asks Love for divorce. Love takes her revenge, poisoning Joe’s food with Wolfsbane. She had used it to poison James Durant, her first husband.

Joe was prepared: He had taken adrenaline to combat the poison. He pretends to be a possum and fools Love into believing that the paralytic poison is working. But just as she’s ready to take a butcher’s knife to his body, he springs into action, injecting her with a fatal dose of aconite.

Joe then fakes his death — even cutting off some of his toes to sell the illusion — before burning his and Love’s house to the ground. And after leaving his and Love’s son, Henry, in the care of Dante (Ben Mehl), Joe escapes to Paris, where he takes on yet another fake identity, adopting the name Nick.

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