Actor and Musician Goldie Has A Strange Fake Moustache and Lets Loose At The hotel In Scathing Footage


James Bond star and drum’n’bass pioneer James Bond posted a bizarre video critiquing the Telegraph Hotel in Coventry. He was wearing a fake mustache while speaking with an accent.

Goldie, a musician, and actor has posted a bizarre review of a Coventry hotel. “idiocy” He claims to have met.

The 56-year-old was one of the most prominent figures in the UK drum ‘n bass. He vented his fury at Telegraph Hotel while sporting a fake mustache.

The Walsall-born star was not pleased with the customer service that he received. Coventry Live reports.

Goldie made it clear when he posted a Facebook video in which he made a harsh critique of the hotel.

“The level of idiocy in this establishment is quite fathoming me, “While being photographed in front of the hotel, he said these words.

“It was like wow. Seriously! Idiots, as in village idiots!

“For many, many years, I’ve been in many hotels around the world. I’ve never seen anything like it.

“So, to the owner of this establishment, I think you need to get your eggs checked in the basket, so to speak because the level of staffing here is incredible.”

He added: “It’s absolutely like one of the worst experiences Higgsy has ever had.

“In my humble opinion, I would not recommend you go to Coventry if you’re there. This is my humble opinion.

“You may wish to stay in a lower four-starred establishment.

“But, ah, be very, very careful.”

The DJ, who is well-known for his album Timeless, songs such as Inner City Life, and work as Rufige Kru, doesn’t say his problem with the place in the video.

It comes just five months after the hotel opened and was included in Sunday Times 100 Best British Hotel Guide.

Goldie, a regular on numerous TV reality shows such as Celebrity Big Brother 2 or Strictly Come Dancing, has performed at HMV Empire during the penultimate night on his UK tour. He will finish at London’s Fabric on October 22.

The hotel has now responded.

Coventry Telegraph Hotel spokesperson said: “We are aware of the video posted online.

“The Telegraph Hotel is proud of the high-quality service it offers to its customers. However, we also have protocols and guidelines that we must follow for all our guests.

“We are disappointed at any negative feedback but have spoken to staff on duty at the time and are fully confident they conducted themselves in a fully professional manner.”

Timeless is one of the most acclaimed drum ‘n bass albums.

Goldie himself is considered one of the original pioneers of the scene and remains a significant figure in UK pop music today.

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