Alec Baldwin Fired A Prop Gun That Killed A Crewmember On Western Film Rust, According to Police.


According to reports, Alec Baldwin fired the prop gun that shot and killed a female crew member on his new film Rust.

Santa Fe County, New Mexico Sheriff confirmed that two actors were shot today by a 68-year old actor on a set with a prop gun that would usually be loaded in blanks.

Halyna Hutchins (42) was the director of photography. Joel Souza (48) was the director of photography.

Ms. Hutchins died tragically after being transported by helicopter from the University of New Mexico Hospital.

Mr. Souza was taken by ambulance to Christus St Vincent Regional Medical Center, receiving treatment for his injuries.

The police state that the investigation is still open and that no charges have been brought against anyone. Detectives continue to interview witnesses.

ABC News received an earlier statement from a producer saying: “Two crew members have been taken to the hospital and are receiving care.

“Production has been suspended temporarily. Safety of our cast members and crew is our highest priority.”

Mr. Souza has directed a new Western movie about an outlaw who’s had a bounty on him for years.

He travels to Kansas to release his 13-year old grandson from prison after being convicted for accidental murder and sentenced.

Jensen Ackles and Alec are two of the film’s stars, where they run from a bounty hunter to survive.

Alec plays Rust, a lead role in the film. He is also a co-producer.

Today, he took to Instagram to share a photo from the set. He was suffering from a stomach shot in his costume.

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