Be Pretty and Productive with This Skincare Routine for Busy Women


Balancing every part of our lives isn’t a piece of cake. Juggling personal, work, and other responsibilities often leaves you with little time for yourself. Taking care of your skin seems like the least of your priorities, yet we can’t ignore its importance. For that matter, here is a set of skincare routine steps for all of you busy women out there.

The most basic steps

These skincare steps below provide you with the basic benefits needed for healthy skin. Perfect for girl bosses with a tight schedule!


This one is a no-brainer. Washing off all the dirt, oil, and other impurities is essential for healthy skin. Cleansing is also the first thing you need to do before proceeding to the other skincare routine steps. Simply do this twice a day: in the morning before starting your day and in the evening after you’re done with all your activities.

There are tons of types of cleansers out there, so make sure to get the right one for your skin type. In general, gentle face wash is always a good option, but different skin types might need different formulations. For example, non-lathering face washes are good for dry skin, whereas foamy ones suit oily skin better. Double cleansing is also great; you can use micellar water or cleansing balm to wipe off more impurities, especially makeup, from your skin.


Like the rest of our body, the skin needs to be well-hydrated to function healthily. Healthy skin looks plump from the water percentage in it. Besides your water intake, you can also supply hydration for your skin by regularly applying moisturizer. It keeps your skin to look effortlessly healthy.

Since you have tons of things under your schedule, you could simplify this step by choosing a product with multiple benefits. Some moisturizers even have SPF, primer function, and coverage ability. Again, pick the right formulation for your skin type. BB and CC creams, as well as tinted moisturizers, could be great options for your skin hydration needs.


To be a busy woman sometimes means you have a very high mobilization. You move from one place to another place multiple times in a day. This could increase sunlight exposure to your skin, increasing the risk of damage from its UV rays. The damage might come in many different forms, from pigmentation and wrinkles to skin cancer.

Sunscreen becomes essential for tackling this very issue. Other products in your skincare routine might also have SPF, but they just act more as support. You still need a proper standalone sunscreen product for maximum protection. For super-busy women of you, sunscreen spray could provide a super quick application, yet it’s not as effective as the lotion form. Don’t forget to get the broad spectrum one to prevent the damage from both UVA and UVB.

Extended version

If you still feel the need to incorporate more steps into your skincare regime, try using these products. They offer a bunch of great benefits to keep your skin glowing and healthy.


There’s a general confusion about the benefits of toners; hence people skip them from their skincare routine. Yet you can make use of this to your advantage. Toners basically serve as a pH balancer after cleansing. It preps your skin for the other skincare products you apply. 

Hydrating toner is a popular choice on the market, providing extra hydration for healthier skin. Choose a water-based one and avoid ones that contain alcohol to lower the chance of inflammation. It doesn’t need to be fancy; a simple rose or lavender water will do its toning job. In the long run, toner application will result in ‘pore less’ looking skin, making it even easier for makeup to sit on your face nicely.


If you have some skin problems or goals, serums are your best friend. They are packed with beneficial ingredients formulated for specific purposes. Some serums can help you with hyperpigmentation, whereas others are good for anti-aging. Knowing what you aim for tremendously helps when buying one for yourself.

When picking a serum, be aware of its properties. For example, some can only be applied at night because of their photosensitivity characteristic, making your skin more prone to UV rays. If this is too much of a hassle for a busy woman like you, opt for a revitalizing one suitable for most situations. Also, don’t skip using other basic skincare products like moisturizers and sunscreen for maximum results.


While cleansing your face every day is enough, exfoliating can really level up your skincare game. Basically, exfoliating help our skin rejuvenate itself. The skin sheds dead skin cells that need to be removed with exfoliating agents. This process wipes away skin dullness and makes it look brighter over time. It’s also great to remove all the pollutants trapped in your skin.

You can choose either a physical or chemical exfoliator. Physical exfoliator generally comes in the form of scrubs made from microbeads or natural ingredients. Despite its effectiveness, some people avoid this for long-term reasons. A chemical exfoliator could be an alternative- ingredients like AHA and BHA help you to renew your skin faster.