Dubious Insider Says Miranda Lambert Allegedly Banned Husband From Joining Him in Vegas Residency


Is it? Miranda LambertAre you looking forward to some alone-time during your Las Vegas residency, Lady Gaga? According to one tabloid, the country singer said that her husband told her to stay in Nashville and keep the fort. Here’s the latest gossip about Miranda Lambert’s marriage.

Miranda Lambert ‘Bans’Vegas Husband

This week, National Enquirer reports Miranda Lambert is packing her bags for her upcoming 24-show Las Vegas residency, but she’s told husband Brendan McLoughlin not to worry about coming with her. Apparently, Lambert is worried sick that Loughlin won’t be able to resist the temptations Vegas has to offer. “The last thing Miranda wants is having to worry about what Brendan is up to while she’s working her tail off,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “Las Vegas is paradise for handsome young men, and she doesn’t want him to be led into temptation.”

The magazine notes that plenty of fans had their doubts about Lambert and McLoughlin’s marriage given their 7-year age difference, but Lambert is determined to keep her hubby all to herself. McLoughlin is known for his past infidelity and Lambert has difficulty trusting him. “Miranda knows that things could change on a dime with Brendan,”The tipster admits. “So, she’s telling him to stay on their ranch in Tennessee—and keep out of trouble!”

What’s Going On With Her Residency?

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, we’re not sure if this magazine ever even glanced at the schedule for Lambert’s upcoming residency. Lambert will perform three different week-long shows instead of 24 consecutive ones. Each show will be separated by approximately two weeks. While it’s unclear if Lambert plans to spend most of her off time in Vegas or back in Nashville, it would be hard to keep McLoughlin away for the nearly 6-month long commitment.

Furthermore, are we to believe that Lambert outright told McLoughlin that she’s scared he’s going to cheat on her in Vegas? Or, more baffling, that she’s told OtherWhat are her fears to people? Both of these ideas seem a bit outlandish, especially when you realize that Lambert’s residency doesn’t even begin until September. So, it’s safe to assume that this “insider”This story was completely invented.

We’re sure that Lambert and McLoughlin have built some trust after three years of marriage. From what we can tell, Lambert seems completely secure in her relationship with Loughlin, and we’d assume that she’d want her husband by her side as she navigates this new phase in her career.

Miranda Lambert’s Tabloid

The National Enquirer won’t give Miranda Lambert a break. According to the outlet, Lambert plotted last year. “revenge”Blake Shelton, her ex-husband. The magazine then claimed Lambert was making her husband regret leaving New York and driving him away. And finally, the publication claimed Lambert was trying to get pregnant before Shelton’s new wife, Gwen Stefani. The Evidently, Inquire Miranda Lambert has no problem in telling these offensive stories.