Eternal Updates: What Does Angelina Jolie’s Children Think About Her Joining The MCU.


It’s all family!

The MCU family was expanded to include more people. Eternals Angelina Jolie and Salma HayekLast night’s red carpet premiere featured children, and star Jolie said that the diversity of the cast convinced her to join Marvel’s family.

“[It was] the idea of this family and this way of showing superheroes. “Jolie was inspired to join the film’s premiere on Nov. 5. But her children were not impressed. Maddox20 Pax17. Zahara16, ShilohTwins, 15-year-old and 13-year old twins Vivienne and Knox. Their mother was a supervillain onscreen, which made it difficult for them to picture.

“I think they still find it funny because they know me and Mom’s mom, and so maybe in some way it blew the universe, like, ‘Marvel’s so cool, but Mom? Mom’s a superhero?'” Jolie joked during E! News Daily Pop on Oct. 19. “They’re supportive, and I think they find it fun. It’s like those great friends, and they’re here more in that loving and supportive way than for themselves and excited. They back me up when I’m nervous, and we kind of try to help each other out.”

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