George Clooney Reveals He Turned Down $35 Million for One Day of Work


For many, a $35 million payday would make life complete. For A-list actor George Clooney, it’s something he can walk away from if he chooses — which is what he recently did.

The actor revealed that he once refused $35 million after an airline offered it to him for one day’s work, according to The Guardian.

When asked by the outlet if he thought he finally had enough money now, he shared the story.

“Well, yeah,” he said. “I was offered $35 million for one day’s work for an airline commercial, but I talked to Amal about it, and we decided it’s not worth it.”

“It was a country that, although it’s an ally, is questionable at times, and so I thought: ‘Well, if it takes a minute’s sleep away from me, it’s not worth it.'”

Amal Clooney, who has been married to George since 2014, is a human rights lawyer.

George also spoke about slowing down and working less the older he gets. 

“In general, there just aren’t that many great parts – and, look, I don’t have to act,” he said.

“My wife and I had this conversation when I turned 60 this summer. I said: ‘I can still bounce around pretty good, and we both love what we do. But we gotta make sure we don’t book ourselves silly,'” he revealed. “So, part of it is just us making sure we live our lives.”

Clooney recently made headlines when he called out media outlets that post photos of celebrity children.

“I am a public figure and accept the oftentimes intrusive photos as part of the price to pay for doing my job,” he wrote. “Our children have made no such commitment.”

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