Husband of Missing Woman Emily Ferlazzo Finally Confesses and Remains Found in Couple’s Van


The Vermont State Police discovered human remains Tuesday night believed to belong to Emily Ferlazzo, a 22-year-old New Hampshire woman. Officials arrested the woman’s husband, Joseph Ferlazzo, who confessed to police to kill his wife.

Troopers stated that Emily Ferlazzo (22) of Northfield was not seen since Saturday afternoon.

Officials confirmed that Ferlazzo was willing to speak with investigators. Police claimed that Ferlazzo confessed to the murder of his wife Saturday morning in their van in Bolton, Vermont.  The state police seized their vehicle in St. Albans on Tuesday.

“The information he provided was that he had killed his wife, Emily. He said that he had done so in the town of Bolton in the early Saturday morning hours,” Maj. Dan Trudeau was Commander of the Vermont State Police Criminal Division. He spoke during a Tuesday evening press briefing.

“We executed a search warrant on the barracks inside the van that Joseph was and Emily was traveling in. We did find human remains in that van tonight, which we believe was Emily’s.”

According to the Vermont State Police statement, Ferlazzo is likely to be charged with first-degree murder. He will remain in custody pending his arraignment in Burlington’s Criminal Division of Vermont Superior Court.

Police stated that Joseph Ferlazzo (Emily) traveled from New Hampshire to Bolton in late Friday hours.

On Monday around 7:15 p.m., concerned family members reported Emily Ferlazzo missing, according to officials.

According to police, Emily’s husband, Joseph Ferlazzo, 41, told Emily’s family that the couple had been staying at a vacation rental in Bolton and said they had been in an argument while in their camper van and that Emily had left the vehicle and began walking along U.S. Route 2. He told Emily’s family that he drove to a convenience store in Bolton, and when he returned to the area where he had last seen her, she was gone, the release said

Earlier Tuesday, the Vermont State Police stated they wanted to talk to Joseph Ferlazzo but could not find him. The state police stated that they have been figuring out when Emily Ferlazzo was last seen outside her husband’s home.

Police later claimed they found Joseph Ferlazzo in a St. Albans convenience shop and were willing to travel with troopers to the barracks. Trudeau stated that Ferlazzo was recognized by a detective who had stopped at the shop to pick up lunch.

He said the couple’s dog, Remington, was found at the home of a friend of Ferlazzo’s unharmed, Silverman said.

Officials announced that a Burlington Chief Medical Examiner would conduct an autopsy on Wednesday to determine the cause of death and confirm identity.

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