Massive Day of the Dead Skulls Have Popped Up Around Mexico City in Honor of Frida Kahlo


Mexico City prepares for the Day of the Dead, with an exhibition honoring one of its most renowned artists.

Frida Kahlo is represented with ten larger-than-life Calaveras, the iconic decorated skulls that often have come to embody Dia De Los Muertos. 

Pilar Artista, however, believes that the Frida skulls’ colorful meanings are much more profound.

“It is a representation based on Frida Kahlo’s paintings. It is a reflection between life and death,” Artista explained.

“She lived experiences very close to death; she lost many children and underwent many surgeries, which is reflected in her painting. On the left side is the suffering and the reference to her lost children.”

Day of the Dead is recognized by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation. “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.”

Day of the Dead, unlike Halloween, is not supposed to be frightening. Day of the Dead is a time to remember and show respect for those who have died. 

These celebrations go back to precolonized indigenous civilisations that lived on present-day Mexican soil.

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