Ian Ziering Sighs for Beverly Hills, 90210’s Denise Dowse


This touching tribute to Mrs. Teasley.

One day after actress Denise Dowse passed away, the actress’ Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Ian Ziering took to social media to express his “heartbreak” and honor the special relationship he had with his onscreen high school vice principal.

“Throughout all my years working on Beverly Hills 90210, my scenes with Denise will always be remembered with the utmost in respect for her talent, and fondness for the loving soul she was,” He wrote this on Instagram on August 14Here’s a photo of him with his co-star. “Some of my heartiest off camera laughs were between she and I hammering out the discipline her Mrs. Teasley would dish out to my Steve Sanders.”

Ian, 58 years old, sent condolences to the actress in a sweet message. “family and all others who she was dear to.”

He continued, “God bless you Denise, pay forward that Legacy Key,” playfully referencing a memorable storyline between their two characters.