Kristen Bell Recommends ‘Inside Of Your Mouth’Buccal Massage


It seems that celebrities find new and unexpected ways to take good care of their health. Kristen BellShe shared her new relaxation method, a buccal massaging, on Instagram. 

Bell ‘Never Felt More Relaxed In [Her] Life’ After Mouth Massage

Bell shared her experience with a buccal massage on Instagram. This massage massages the inside and the lips. “Okay, I just got back to earth. I left for a while because I tried a face massage where half of it is done from the inside of your mouth,”Bell revealed the following to her Instagram followers. 

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The actress showed the actor how to massage her cheeks by placing her thumb in her mouth, and then pulling gently at her cheeks. “At one point, Paulina had both her hands in my mouth and I’m going to be honest, I’ve never felt more relaxed in my life. So, if you’re considering it, [I] highly recommend.”

Buccal Massage is a popular choice.

Bell’s caption for the video read, “I don’t want to go home now as I know the kids will ruin my vibe. But it must be done. Euphoria can only last so long- but I’ll be back!”She also tagged Kosha Spa where she received the buccal massage.

“lololol what. if kristen bell says it’s amazing. I believe her,”One fan commented. Another wrote, “Yes! Oral-facial massage for the win! So much fascia needing release and love up in there.”

Buccal Massage Benefits

The actress’ glowing recommendation of the massage technique has many ready to try it out, but what do we really know about buccal massage? Bell demonstrated the technique in her video by placing a gloved hand inside the mouth and then massaging the inner cheek, lip and nasal muscles. 

Anna Babayan, a certified buccal therapy and owner of Anna Babayan Skincare told Shape, “The buccal facial better targets the underlying muscles of the area. It concentrates on pressure points that help to restore muscular facial tone [firmness] and relieve any existing tension in the area.”

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Buccal massage can improve circulation, reduce wrinkles, increase collagen production and ease jaw tension. You might notice a more relaxed appearance and glowing skin after the treatment. However, Angelique Freking, dentistAn increase in blood flow to the head and face can cause headaches. Buccal massage seems to be the newest relaxation method in Hollywood and Bell is one of its most ardent fans.

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