Network Gossip: Anderson Cooper Apparently Outs with CNN Chief


It is Anderson Cooper butting heads with CNN’s new CEO? According to one tabloid, the new head honcho has been causing havoc at the network. Let’s check in on how veteran reporters like Cooper are handling the shake-up.

Anderson Cooper Getting ‘Sour Taste’From the CEO?

This week, National Enquirer reports Anderson Cooper isn’t getting along with new CNN CEO Chris Licht. According to the article Cooper and Don Lemon are having difficulty accepting their new leadership. “Chris is the opposite of Jeff Zucker, the man he replaced at CNN. Jeff would text Anderson and Lemon all the time,”An insider’s guide to muses. “Chris doesn’t want to be friends with them. He wants to be their boss—and they’re used to being treated like stars, not staff!”

Cooper Angry He Isn’t Being Treated Like A ‘Star’?

This report is absurd. Are we supposed to believe that Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon are complaining to anyone who will listen that the new CEO of CNN doesn’t text them enough? Because that’s just too big of a leap for us to take. Licht has been a welcome addition to the network, according to our information. And we have absolutely no reason to believe he isn’t getting along with the talent.

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Furthermore, CNN isn’t a college frat. It’s a network full of professionals, and we seriously doubt that there’s enough tension over Licht’s arrival to warrant this report. In fact, it’s worth noting that Licht has a bit of history with Anderson Cooper. Licht’s wife, Jenny Blanco, has Cooper was a producer supervisor for many years.. So, it’s even possible that Cooper and Licht already have a good rapport.

According to an insider of the network who spoke with him, Vanity FairLicht was like a breath of fresh air. “He’s the best of the names that have been floated,”The source was declared. “Everyone is breathing a sigh of relief and views him as a skilled producer who will care deeply about the programming… There was a real worry Discovery would appoint an executive who wouldn’t understand programming and end up being an empty suit. Chris is not that.”

CNN Drama from The Tabloid

Naturally, there are many other things. National Enquirer has proven in the past that it isn’t capable of peeking behind the curtain at CNN. In an earlier report, the magazine said Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon were up for grabs. According to the magazine, CNN attempted to replace Chris Cuomo by a prominent CBS anchor. The publication also alleged Licht was trying to poach two of MSNBC’s biggest stars. The tabloid also claimed Brian Stelter was afraid of his job. The tabloid clearly stated that the Inquire doesn’t really have any rats in CNN headquarters.

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