New Facebook boss Nick Clegg says he’s bedded 30 women but admits some weren’t impressed


Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg claims he’s bedded around 30 women - and some of them complained about his bedroom antics.

Mr Clegg, who has just been promoted to top executive role at Facebook parent company Meta, told TV presenter Piers Morgan of his bedroom accomplishments with not all of them being good.

Speaking in an interview for a forthcoming issue of men’s mag GQ, Piers grilled the former Liberal Democrats MP on his sex life by asking him about the notches on his bedpost.

Mr Clegg, 55, was asked if he has sex with 20 or 30 women when he responded “no more than 30” before seemingly trying to lower the figure by adding: “It’s a lot less than that.”

Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has revealed he has slept with around 30 women

Following his reply, an inquisitive Piers dug deeper by asking if he had ever gotten complaints over his bedroom antics to which he responded “oh God yes, of course.”

Questions over his love life continued as Piers questions what his wife Miriam might think of his performance.

Mr Clegg said he believed his wife would be “very content and happy” in his response.

Mr Clegg was being interviewed by Piers Morgan on his sex life for GQ magazine

The bizarre interview comes as Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Mr Clegg was given a promotion in a Facebook post yesterday (February 16).

The move has reportedly made Mr Clegg, who joined Facebook in 2018, one of the most powerful people in tech.

Mr Zuckerberg said in the post: “Nick will now lead our company on all our policy matters, including how we interact with governments as they consider adopting new policies and regulations, as well as how we make the case publicly for our products and our work.”

Mr Clegg said his wife Miriam would be ‘happy’ with his bedroom performance but he has had complaints

This is not the first time Piers has interviewed Mr Clegg for GQ as the previous piece went into detail about “abusing a rare cactus” when the former politician was “fairly inebriated” in Munich, Germany.

Mr Clegg, who was 16 at the time, drank too much at a party and wandered around a garden before using a lighter in a greenhouse.

He said it was an “accident” but he and a friend wanted to repeat a “beautiful glowing halo of fire”.

Mr Clegg later told Piers that he had to do community service for his crimes against “20 or so” cactuses.

In a previous interview, Mr Clegg disclosed detail of how he got community service in Germany

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He told the magazine: “And what made it worse was that we found out that this was Germany’s premier collection of rare cacti and they were worth a lot of money.

“The owner was a professor who had flown to jungles to bring them back. So they were almost irreplaceable.”