On The Face of ‘Relentless Abuse’ By MPs Priti Patel Suggests That Anonymity Be Removed Online.


The Home Secretary reaches out to the “coarsening” Public debate is halted as the UK reels after the brutal killing of MP Sir David Amess.

Priti Patel, Home Secretary, has suggested anonymizing social media accounts amid the “relentless” And “cruel” Online abuse of MPs

Sir David Amess was fatally stabbed in an attack on Friday at a constituency surgery in Leigh-on-Sea.

Ali Harbi Ali, 25 years old, was taken into custody on suspicion of murder. Terrorist cops lead the investigation.

Ms. Patel asked the police to examine security for MPs. Sir David is the second death of an MP in the last few years, following Jo Cox’s murder in 2016.

Sky News speaks to the following about the more expansive “coarsening” Ms. Patel suggested in public debate that ministers should crackdown on anonymous accounts on social media.

She told Trevor Phillips: “I want us to look at everything.

“There is work taking place already. There is an Online Harms Bill in the works, and it will be brought to Parliament.

“I’ve done a lot of work on social media platforms, mainly around encryption and areas of that nature.

“But we can’t carry on like this. I spend too much time with communities who have been under attack, basically who have had all sorts of postings online, and it is a struggle to get those posts taken down.

“We want to make some big changes on that.”

When asked if the political debate has deteriorated, she replied: “I think first of all Parliament in the House of Commons has always been the home for robust debate, and that’s how we articulate total debate views, etc.

“You asked about the coarsening speech in Parliament. You asked about the coarsening of discourse in Parliament. I try to respect my colleagues, even if they disagree with me on a particular policy point.

“But there is some clear guidance as well. The Speaker speaks very strongly about the debate, tone, how we articulate ourselves present ourselves in Parliament. I know that every colleague strives to stick with that and decently conduct themselves.

“Respect and decency are important.”

But she went on: “This is not just about the House of Commons. It’s about broader public discourse. I would also say that social media anonymity and social media where members of Parliament are subject to some of the cruelest comments attacks.

“And they’re relentless, many of them relentless.

“My colleagues go through just some of the appalling attacks I’ve seen online, and I have as well.”

Lisa Nandy, Labour’s Lisa Nandy, suggested that her party would back “limits” on anonymity via social media but raised concerns about the possibility that whistleblowers might need protection.

She also accused the government of “dragging its feet. “Social media reform: Executives should be penalized for failing to remove hateful material from social media platforms.

Sir David, aged 69, had been an MP from 1983 to meet constituents at Belfairs Methodist Church, Leigh-on-Sea, when he was attacked in a frenzied attack.

The MP spoke to PR professional Richard Hillgrove to discuss the Children’s Parliament, an event where youngsters are matched with MPs, soon before the attack, the Sunday Times reported.

The newspaper reported that Mr. Hillgrove had ended the Zoom call at 12.02 pm. Three minutes earlier, the married father of five was stabbed.

Ms. Patel claimed that there were “immediate” MPs who were offered security modifications.

“In terms of your immediate point around safety and security of individuals, there is a lot of work that has taken place already,” The Cabinet minister stated.

“There is more work underway on Friday, yesterday, today, and from now on with policing in constituencies but also with the parliamentary authorities around the security of MPs.

“That is geared up, and I should emphasize this, around looking at this weekend, Members of Parliament are in their constituencies, next weekend they will be doing the same, out and about, and alongside that what are the protective measures we can put in immediately?

“This isn’t a case of, ‘let’s wait for two, three, four weeks. These are immediate changes and measures that are actively being put in place and discussed with MPs.”

Sir Lindsay Hoyle is the Commons Speaker. “working closely and at pace with the Home Office and the police” to identify ways to improve MPs’ safety.

Labour will not stand as a candidate in Southend West’s by-election.

The party is set to follow the principle established after Mrs. Cox’s murder when the significant parties declined to select candidates for the by-election.

Liberal Democrats also confirmed that they would not contest the Southend West seat if a polling date were established.

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