Prince Charles is ‘jealous’ of Prince William, Feels “Left out” Of Family Activities and Royal Expert Claims


Is there a feud in the family between them? Prince CharlesAnd Prince William? Charles may feel left out of his family, according to a rumor. Gossip Cop investigates.

Prince Charles Is A Jealous Man

Per Silver Screen Beats, Charles is jealous of William’s friendship with Kate Middleton’s family. William is spending more and more time with the Middleton family, and Charles’ busy schedule means he’s getting left out. Charles has missed his children’s birthday parties. The Royal staff often shows affection for their children. “explosive rows”Between Charles and William

Their relationship is improving. Insiders claim that the two men are now in the same boat regarding Prince Andrew. This has made them closer. Much of William’s ire is now directed at Prince Harry instead, as the two barely exchanged looks during Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

Is there anything to this?

If it feels like this story switched on a dime, that’s only because it absolutely did. The opening and title paint a picture that William and Charles are in crisis. However, they suddenly reunite halfway through the story. This story is a bait-and-switch tale, promising drama but then resolving it in one go.

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The SunIt is trying to have all its cake and eat all of it. It wants to promote royal drama between William and Charles, but it can’t make anyone other than Harry the villain for very long. What we’re left with is this uncomfortable story about Charles getting jealous of his in-laws… because he has a busy schedule?

Charles has never been idle. Why would he suddenly feel jealous about the Middleton family when they’ve now been in his life for over a decade? This story is weak and crumbles under pressure.

For what it’s worth, William and Charles appear to be on the same page. They were seen on the same balcony at the Platinum Jubilee. They’re also supposedly Unified against HarryHarry was able visit Charles while he was away. William did not take the time to visit his brother and even refused to meet his niece Lilibet Diana. Although tension exists between Harry and William, it is not the only issue. However, all seems to be well between the heirs.

The Bogus Feud

A feud between William and Charles writes itself, so it’s not surprising to see so many tabloids write the same exact story. Gossip Cop Stories about Charles losing his place in the succession to William are a constant occurrence. These stories are constantly being told, but Charles is still the first to the throne.

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