Prince Philip Documentary to air on September 24 on BBC One

Prince Philip in the words of those who loved him. This is the setting of the new documentary that the BBC has made on the figure of the Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away in April: a collection of anecdotes, stories and above all many memories of the people who knew him best. That is, his family.

The documentary, entitled Prince Philip: The Family Remembers, will involve about a dozen members of the royal families and, largely, the prince’s grandchildren who wanted to tell what it was like growing up as children in contact with such a charismatic figure. brilliant, authoritative and with such a strong personality.

Of course, the words of Harry and William, real protagonists of the film, were not lacking. Each in their own way they told Filippo together with all the other members of the royal family. According to what is learned, however, from an official press release, the memory of the prince was however entrusted only to those who spent a good part of their time (and youth) with him. At least so it seems: in fact we find no other reason why both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle did not take part in the film with their testimonies.

Prince Philip: The Family Remembers, however, has a further peculiarity that makes it even more interesting: the memories of the family members were not collected after the death of the prince but before. In fact, born as a documentary to be broadcast on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh, the film is made of joy and hope and without any hagiographic spirit (which is natural to happen after his death).

The documentary Prince Philip: The Family Remembers will air September 24 on BBC One.

Harry, William, children and grandchildren: the royal family remembers Philip in a documentary signed by the BBC.

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