Poultry Feed Market to be a USD 275 Billion industry by 2028


Lack of proteins in diet and the health issues caused because of that is bringing protein-rich diet into focus and poultry is at the forefront of that. With demand for poultry increasing, the allied industries including the poultry feed market is also going to witness a huge growth with some estimates pegging the industry to be a USD 275 Billion industry by 2028.

While there are many sources of protein, poultry is considered to be one of the most economical one across the globe. Due to advancement in technology poultry is being bred at much lower prices compared to few years back. Further, poultry also provides eggs which is also protein rich source of food.

The millennia’s are one of the main market drivers as they prefer healthy food. The market offers variety of products for on the different customers. Demand for poultry products are always rising as the global population is always increasing so is the demand of poultry products.

Owing to pandemic and lockdowns across the world, there was a slight dip in demand of poultry and that in turn led to a decline in the poultry feed market. However, the world markets are slowly opening to their full potential and theirs a surge in demand of equipment’s required. The market would remain bullish in upcoming year.

Healthy lifestyles and awareness among the young generation is going to increase the demand of poultry. With the increase in demand of poultry products, Poultry Feed Market is also in demand. New products are being tried out to see what the result on their poultry is. Protein rich content products are one of the main reasons for the sudden demand in broilers farming. Increase in consumption of eggs per capita has also increase drastically over a period of last decade. Poultry feeds are a source of rich proteins and minerals for poultry as its source of energy and balanced nutrition.

Some of key players in Poultry Feed Market are Novus International Inc, Alltech Inc., Charoen Popkhand Foods, Royal DSM N.V., Evonik Industries AG, BASF, CHR. Hansen Holdings A/S, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Cargill Inc., ABF Plc, Suguna Foods, InVivo NSA, DLG Group and Nutreco NV are some of the key players of poultry feed among others.

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