Golden Retriever’s morning trust-fall onto her human has captured the hearts of TikTokers.


Nala the golden retriever’s morning trust fall onto her human has captured the hearts of TikTokers.

Chris Lindamood was adamant that the dog’s owner had to capture it on film once she began doing it.

“I watched it, and I still watch it so many times,” Chris spoke at Inside Edition Digital. “Just her little tail wagging and everything. It’s just so perfect.

Especially because he tried to teach her to do it years before but was unsuccessful.

“Last year sometime I was like, I’m going to try to teach Nala how to do a trust fall, and I could never teach her to do it. I couldn’t get command for her to do it consistently. I was like, ah, whatever,”He stated. “And so fast forward a year, she’ll wake up or when we’re just laying in bed at night, she’ll just like, she’ll be laying facing away from me and she’ll sit up and I can tell it’s coming. And then she’ll just push off a little bit and she’ll just fall backwards.”

Chris and Nala already had a huge TikTok fan following.

“Last year in March I posted a video of her doing this little dance she does, it’s called ‘The Stomps,’ I named it. And so it’s a little dance, little song. And so the Nala stomps took off last year,” He stated.

Chris loves making memories with Nala, four and a half years after he got her.

“I spend more time with her than any other human being. I was like, I’m not going to force myself to go out and party on a Friday night,” He stated. “I’m just going to rest up, wake up, and we’re going to go do something on Saturday. And it’s like, this has been the best year.”

He advises pet owners to do the exact same.

“I like to do is inspire people to get out with their dogs and just, even if it’s not climbing a mountain, just taking their dog out more often and just enjoying that time together,”He stated. “And it’s been fun trying to do that. It’s been a fun challenge.”

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