Show Gossip: Savannah Guthrie, Jenna Bush Hager Supposedly Force Hoda Kotb to Leave MSNBC Replacement


Are You Savannah Guthrie And Jenna Bush HagerTo get, you must plot Hoda KotbKicked off the Today show? Another tabloid reports that the anchor, who has been on the show for over 30 years, is being replaced by another MSNBC host. Let’s investigate the latest gossip surrounding the beloved morning show.

Savannah Guthrie ‘Can’t Stand’ Hoda Kotb?

Per the National EnquirerSavannah Guthrie, co-host Hoda Kokotb is getting tired of being on the same screen as her. According to the article Guthrie is trying get Kotb fired from the show in every way possible. “Savannah runs the show,”The tipster spills. “Hoda’s been pushed to the side.” Apparently, Guthrie has even been blocking Kotb’s efforts to get Kathie Lee Gifford back on the show, replacing Jenna Bush Hager.

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“Jenna is Savannah’s closest ally,”The spy dishes “There was no way Savannah was going to let Kathie Lee back to team up with Hoda against her!”Sources say Guthrie is looking for a new show host to replace Kotb. Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC anchor, is the lead anchor.

“Nicolle and Savannah are old friends from their days together in Washington, and it was Jenna’s father, President George W. Bush, who’d hired Nicolle as communications director at the White House,”The snitch trusts. “The three of them couldn’t be tighter.”

‘Hoda Here Today, Nicolle Tomorrow’?

This magazine wants readers to believe Savannah Guthrie secretly loathes Hoda Khotb. But this is a wildly inaccurate claim that we’ve debunked countless times. Despite the tabloids’ many attempts to invent a feud between Kotb and Guthrie, they just keep proving everyone wrong. In March, the co-anchors Interview with Good HousekeepingAbout their bond as working moms.

These adorable photos Guthrie uploaded back in June captioned are also available. “I love everything about these pics… and everything about @hodakotb.”

And right now, we’re absolutely obsessed with this video of Guthrie dancing with Kotb and her two daughters.

They have many other signs of their friendship, where they come from. It’s really incredible that the magazine persists with these rumors despite having so little—nay, zero—supporting evidence. But, then again, it’s a painfully unoriginal cliche to pit the two female lead anchors of a popular show against each other. We know that we wouldn’t even be having this conversation if they were men, and we’re getting tired of rehashing this offensive rumor.

Learn More ‘Today’Gossip from The Tabloid

This is far from the first time we’ve dealt with this spiel from the National Enquirer. The outlet had reported earlier this year that Guthrie was clashing behind-the scenes with Hager as well as Kotb. The magazine also claimed Guthrie was driving Kotb from the show through her controlling behavior. The publication also claimed Hager was trying to fire Kotb. Evidently, the Get in touch isn’t in the loop when it comes to the Today show.

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