The Secret Life Of The Famous Intern In London, Where is Monica Lewinsky Now ?


Monica Lewinksy’s infamous affair with President Bill Clinton has followed her all of her life, but a new TV drama — American Crime Story: Impeachment — means she has the chance to give her side of the story. But where’s Monica Lewinsky now, anyway?

Monica Lewinsky hit headlines in 1998 at the age of 25 when it was revealed that she was having a scandalous affair with her boss —President Bill Clinton.

However, the famous intern has grown up and is now able to speak out about her experiences from a better perspective.

After the media frenzy surrounding the extra-marital affair, Lewinsky’s and Clinton’s relationship has become a historical political moment. Lewinsky is back in the news for a new TV program detailing the events.

This drama is the third installment of American Crime Story’s ‘Impeachment’ series. Lewinksy is one co-producer of the show.

Who is Monica Lewinsky, the famous intern? And where is she now?!

Where is Monica Lewinsky right now?

Monica, following the revelations of the affair, published a book entitled Monica’s Story in 1999. She agreed to be interviewed on TV and made at least $1.5million through media deals.

Feminists for the affair publicly shamed Lewinsky. In 1999, Lewinsky refused an autograph at an airport. “I’m kind of known for something that’s not so great to be known for.”

She later stated that knitting was what helped her through the media frenzy and started her own knitted bags company at 26.

She was a household name in popular culture by 2000, when she appeared in TV commercials.

She settled in New York’s West Village, where she became a well-known socialite.

The former political intern moved back to the UK, where she became a Channel 5 correspondent.

Lewinsky earned a master of science degree from the London School of Economics in 2006.

She spent the following decade in the UK, shrugging off the spotlight.

She is now an anti-bullying advocate.

While she has been interviewed about the matter before, her participation in the documentary’s production is significant.

“Some closest to me asked why would I want to revisit the most painful and traumatic parts of my life—again. Publicly. On-camera. With no control of how it will be used. A bit of a head-scratcher, as my brother is fond of saying.”

Lewinsky has recently admitted that she does date but is keeping her private life secret.

“I do date. I’m not married yet,” She stated that she People. “I don’t know if that will happen or not, and I’m more okay with that than I used to be.”

“I kinda feel if anybody has earned a right to have their romantic life private, it’s me.”

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Clinton Lewinsky scandal

According to Lewinsky’s testimony, the affair occurred on nine occasions, occurring between 1995 and 1997.

Her testimony included evidence of a stained gown after a sexual encounter as well as admissions that it took place while Hillary Clinton was at the White House.

It started in November 1995, months after the White House intern of 21 years began working at the White House.

Later she was transferred to the Pentagon in April 1996, where Linda Tripp met her. She began to reveal the affair to Tripp. Tripp secretly recorded conversations she had with Lewinsky

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“I felt like every layer of my skin and my identity were ripped off of me in ’98 and ’99,” she later said to to The Guardian. “It’s skinning of sorts. It makes you feel extremely raw and scared. But, the shame sticks to my skin like tar.”

The affair came out in January 1998 when Clinton said publicly “I never had sexual relations with Miss Lewinsky. Later, he was impeached that year in December.

In 2018, she spoke out to Vanity Fair: “The debate about who gets to live at Victimville fascinates my, as a public individual who has seen strangers discussing their own ‘victim status’ on social media.

“The person at the epicenter of the experience doesn’t necessarily get to decide.”

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