To Be A Star In The ‘Gladiator’Sequel, Russell Crowe Has To Lose 70 Pounds?


It is Russel CroweTo be the star of a new gym, go to the gym GladiatorMovie? According to one tabloid, the star wants to lose 70 pounds before he reprises his role as Roman General Maximus. Let’s check in on the Aussie actor.

Russel Crowe ‘Too Flabby To Remake Gladiator’?

This week, Globe Reports that Russell Crowe is not ready to be a star in the movie “The Greatest Showman.” Gladiator sequel Crowe’s target weight is a “buff 210 pounds,” Britney Theriot, his girlfriend, is determined to see him succeed. Theriot apparently has a rigorous training program that will get him in shape. “She’s also preparing healthy low-carb meals and helping him keep his boozing to a minimum,” Insider source recipes

Crowe is cautiously onboard. “He’s not used to taking orders from anyone, but he’s so head over heels for Britney, he does whatever she says.”However, a dietician who does not have Russell treated remains sceptical. “At his age, and with the extra amount of weight he’s piled on, Russell will have a tough time making it happen!”The doctor weighs in. “His metabolism will certainly have slowed with his obesity and will have been reset to believe his heaviest weight is his true weight — making it harder than ever to lose!”

‘Roly-Poly’ Russell Crowe ‘Fighting To Lose 70 Lbs’?

This report is absurd. First of all, the tabloid doesn’t know anything about Crowe’s health. While the tabloid shares the opinion of a doctor who has never even met Crowe, that’s the end of its insights into his health. Crowe is being shamed by the tabloid for not looking as he did twenty years ago when he filmed. Gladiator.

Crowe will not be present in the next. Gladiator film, but it’s not because he’s “too flabby”. It’s because Crowe’s character doesn’t survive the first film, and therefore has no part in any possible sequel. The film’s makers explained that the sequel would be. follow the son of Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus 25 years have passed since the events in the first movie.

It’s unclear where the tabloid is getting the idea that Crowe could somehow star in the sequel. Crowe’s weight is a clear indicator. Hasn’t stopped him from working on other projects, so we doubt he’s desperately trying to join the next Gladiator Movie. This story wasn’t accurate when the Globe originally tried it last year, and it certainly isn’t now.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Weight

Besides, this is far from the first time we’ve busted the Globe For body-shaming. The magazine claims that Hillary Clinton is causing health concerns by exposing her body to shame. “ballooning”Weight. The outlet reported the news. “flabby Fonzie”Henry Winkler was instructed to “diet or die” after gaining weight. Cybill Shepherd was also reported to be at risk. “health catastrophe” after gaining 55 pounds. Obviously, readers shouldn’t trust the Globe when it comes to celebrities’ weight.