Tom Cruise’s Son Connor Continues To Divide Fans with Controversial Photographs


Connor Cruise You can’t catch the breakHis hobby selection is a matter of personal preference. In the past, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s adopted son have been in trouble online. His passion for fishing and the big catches he has caught are shared by him. Connor Cruise’s recent post shows that not much has changed.

Cruise doesn’t hide his passion for deep sea fishing, or barbecue. But that doesn’t seem to bother anyone. “Disgusting. So much of blood on your hands. Live and let live,”One critic commented on the June 8th photo.

Others agreed, saying that he must be real. “love killing things”Discoveries and other information “joy holding dead animals.” “Why is removing the life from a sentient being considered pleasurable? Is it that you’ve conquered something and now want to show off? Revolting,”Another critic was added.

Cruise still has some defenders. “I’m surprised there’s negative comments on this?…This is so awesome,”A supporter responded to the critics. Others called it a great fishing day and congratulated Cruise for his haul.

Cruise and Bella are close to their father, and Scientology members. Because of her departure from Scientology and her divorce with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman has been virtually banned from their lives. Based on SuggestThis aspect was highlighted when Connor Cruise married Silvia Zanchi, a fellow church member in 2019.

According to PEOPLEBoth Cruise children “grew up in the church”And have become “completely dedicated”Their father is also a strong believer in the faith. This is why the children are mostly out of the spotlight, and Katie Holmes and Suri are not in the public eye.

Connor Cruise has been sharing his love of fishing since at least 2014. He was also an actor in 2008 and 2012. Seven PoundsAnd Red Dawn respectively. Tom Cruise may also love fishing and fish. Top GunStar has not yet appeared in any of these photos.