Voice of the People: “It’s high time that online hatred against anyone is addressed before more lives are lost”


Silver Screen Beatday People believes that our MPs should not be subject to online abuse if they want to be the best in their role.

Today, we show the shocking extent of abuse that MPs face.

Amazingly, 51 of them had to call the police in the past 12 months.

Many talk about abuse daily, including death threats, hate mail and vile messages sent to their families and staff. It is not an easy job to be a MP.

Of course, it’s well-rewarded - but not as well-rewarded as private industry.

And if we want to encourage the best and the brightest into politics the least we can do is make sure they’re safe.

According to our exclusive polling, 70% of respondents believe that MPs should be subject to harsher sentences for their work.

This would be a great help.

But it’s not going to tackle the root of the problem. We must examine what fuels these attacks.

It’s pretty obvious when you look around.

Each day, videos with hateful images and distorted ideologies are uploaded to YouTube and shared. This must stop.

One of the greatest joys of social media platforms is the freedom to share ideas and information.

There is also a dark side.

It is not what anyone wants, but it is time for these sites to be properly regulated.

It is high time that social media companies take responsibility for what happens on their platforms. It will be a great help.

The only thing that will really change the world is our behavior, in politics as well as in society.

This was supposed to be an age of gentler, kinder people. You can see that the content is far from gentle and kind if you take a look at it every day.

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