Who Is Chloë Grace Moretz Dating? What We Know About her Love Life


Who are they? Chloë Grace MoretzAre you interested in dating? The romance between the ex-child actress and a variety of famous names has been romantically linked. Brooklyn Beckham, who’s the son of Victoria and David Beckham. Moretz is the subject of many dating rumors since their breakup. Find out more about her relationship status.

Chloë Grace Moretz Previously Dated Brooklyn Beckham

One of Chloë Grace Moretz’s highest-profile romances was with Brooklyn Beckham. After photos of them together surfaced in 2014, the two were linked for the first time. At the time, Moretz was 17-years-old to Beckham’s 15. Beckham was able to date Moretz. He broke up with his first girlfriend, the daughter Ladies Of London star Julie Montagu.

Beckham and Moretz were young lovers who could endure several breakups, but in 2018, the couple called it quits. Beckham was captured kissing Beckham and it became clear that the couple had made their decision to separate. Playboy model Lexi Wood.

Moretz was soon after the publication of those photos, and he sat down to discuss them. An interview with the Sunday TimesWhere she confessed, “Breakups are hard across the board.”She also pointed out that Twitter verified accounts post about every time. “a certain relationship, it pops up on [her] phone.” 

Although she initially stated she wanted to be a nurse, “nothing to be said”She apparently had a change of heart and commented on the photos. “I’m not a big fan of PDAs in general.”

When asked about what she’d learned from her first big profile relationship, Moretz implied she’d be making sure her future romances stayed private. 

“I had a lot of moments when I was, like, ‘Why can’t I just say this? Why can’t I be with this person in the street and not get photographed?’”She spoke to the publication. “There’s no real answer to that other than you just can’t. That’s my life, but hopefully I’m going to try and control every ounce of it that gets out.”

Moretz is certain to have kept her word, as her subsequent relationships were very quiet. 

According to reports, Moretz also dated Kate Harrison

While she never acknowledged their relationship publicly, Moretz was photographed with Kate Harrison in a cozy setting, keeping in line with her vow to keep her love affairs private. December 2018. The couple were seen at Nobu’s long-standing celebrity hotspot Malibu on an apparent dinner date. 

After their meal, they shared a hot kiss outside, before heading to Soho House where the two beautiful ladies were again seen in a passionate relationship. They were also seen together with their arms wrapped around one another, in addition to liplocks. 

Despite the fact that they look like they had a great time on their date, Harrison and Moretz haven’t been spotted together in public since. Harrison is Harrison’s most recent romantically associated person, but she isn’t the only one who has been linked to the actress. If I Stay actress.

Her Rumored Romances 

We bought a ZooColin Ford, actor, was linked to Moretz in 2011. However, there isn’t much evidence to support the rumor that they were together. In 2012, it was also reported that Moretz had dated Jansen Pavnettiere, the younger brother and actress Hayden. 

The KickassThe actress was photographed with Cameron Fuller, her next rumored boyfriend, many times in public between 2013-2014, when she started pursuing a relationship with Brooklyn Beckham. 

After he appeared in a Snapchat video alongside the actress in 2016, Brazilian soccer player Neymar was rumored to have started dating Moretz, though there hasn’t been any public proof of a relationship. 2017 was the year Moretz was linked with her The 5th WaveAlex Roe is the costar. However, rumors of their relationship have never been confirmed. 

Another romance we know of that didn’t happen, but one tabloid attempted to suggest that it was. 2019 NW Victoria Beckham claimed she felt betrayed after seeing her husband David having drinks with Moretz at London’s Dorchester Hotel. 

“Vic had a meeting there and was shocked when she spotted David and Chloe at the lobby bar on her way out,”Dubious “insider”The outlet was informed. “She did a double take to check it was really them she was seeing, then stormed over to confront him. David was clearly startled to see Vic but explained he’d just bumped into Chloe.” 

The tipter then claimed that Victoria had accused David deceiving their son, and suggested that this would cause serious problems for their joint businesses. Problem was that the entire story was fake. We reached out to Beckham’s rep about the story and were told it was “complete nonsense.”

As of right now, the current state of Chloë Grace Moretz’s love life is a mystery. And if she is dating someone at the moment, she’s doing a great job of keeping it a secret.

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