Who is the Emperor in ‘Dune’? Imperium Ruler’s Role in Film, Explained


Who is the Emperor of India? Dune? We know Shaddam IV of House Corrino holds the hereditary title of Padishah Emperor, ruler of the Imperium, in the new Warner Bros. film — now playing in theaters and on HBO Max — but we never actually see the guy on screen, as Screen RantReports

This film covers roughly the first half the 1965 Frank Herbert novel. It tells a story about a feudal society set in the distant future. The Imperium is the universe in which the story takes place. Arrakis, a desert planet, is highly valued for its supply of a life-extension drug. “spice.”

The Emperor is not shown in Denis Villeneuve’s film, but we do see his influence as he causes a conflict between House Atreides & House Harkonnen.

There are spoilers ahead!

A ‘Dune’A sequel could reveal the Emperor.

The Emperor might have a larger role — and even an onscreen role — in Villeneuve’s planned second DuneFilm. (“Will we have a sequel to Dune? If you watch the movie, you see how it ends. I think you pretty much know the answer to that,”Ann Sarnoff, WarnerMedia Studios and Networks CEO, told DeadlineRecent.

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This is what you can do in the interim. DuneThe film shows Jessica and Paul joining forces with the Fremen (the native population of Arrakis). They could also stop the production of spices on the planet and force Emperor to admit his involvement in the conflict.

“The Emperor will face an uphill battle against the combined Atreides and Fremen alliance,” Screen Rant’s Chris Bellows speculates. “He will find himself precariously perched between revealing his treachery to the Landsraad, which risks galactic war, or totally disrupting the entire universal economy. All audiences can do now is hope for a Dune sequel to find out who will prevail between the duplicitous forces of the Emperor and House Harkonnen and the Fremen followers of Paul Atreides.”

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